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  1. Boksic

    Who would you get on a Juve Shirt?

    my parents are off 2 italy 2moro and i asked them to bring me back a Juve shirt with a name on it. But who should would you get and why? i am torn between Del Piero (who i always get) and Palladino (i really like this guy) do you think that Palladino will still be at Juve next season...
  2. Boksic

    Del Piero does what every Juve fan wishes they could.....

    have a look at this video of Del Piero doing what every Juve fan wishes they could do to Moggi. you gotta love Del Piero; a legend on and off the pitch!!
  3. Boksic

    Paul Le Guen

    Paul Le Guen has been announced as the new manager of Glasgow Rangers. I wanted to hear your guys opinions of him as he is a highly rated manager, who turned down Lazio, Olympiakos, Monaco and was linked with Real Madrid. Since his appointment the gers have been linked with a host of top...
  4. Boksic

    Koke to Juve

    Saturday 14 January Corriere dello Sport/Stadio Juventus surprise The Bianconeri prepare to sign Spanish striker Koke and hand him over to Siena or Empoli ---------------------------------------------------- Football Italia i know this is probably another fictional transfer...
  5. Boksic

    Mavuba to Juve?

    Corriere dello Sport/Stadio Bojinov to Inter Moratti opens negotiations with Fiorentina Milan want Abbiati back – Juve take steps for Mavuba ----------------------------------------------------------------- Football Italia i saw that in the Corriere dello Sport, Juventus...
  6. Boksic

    Best Live Band in the World

    I was just at the Oasis concert the other day and they were simply unbelievable!!That was th 3rd time i have seen them live and they get better everytime. Liam is the perfect front man full of charisma, Zak Starsky (Ringo Stars' Son) was sensational on the drums and all the songs sounded studio...
  7. Boksic

    Help me please: Juve vs Siena

    hi im off to see Juventus vs Siena next wednesday (to see Alex beat Boniperti's record) and although i have been 2 a couple of games at the Delle Alpi, i have never been to a night game and never had to buy tickets (my friend's dad usually helps)! I would be staying in Milan; as it where i am...
  8. Boksic

    Arjen Robben to Juve?

    I know that he hasn't been linked with Juve in the press but i heard a rumour that Arjen Robben is being considered as a Juve target. I think he would be a great signing as he is young, creative, fast and can be the replacement to Nedved. Apparently he has had some confrontations with...
  9. Boksic

    Palladino Goal

    does anybody have a link to Palladino's goal for Livorno against Lecce from Saturday? i wanna see this guy in action
  10. Boksic

    Best 3 attackers in the world

    i saw this in another forum, and it got me thinking. Who are the three best attackers in the world?? i would say Shevchenko, Adriano and either Henry or Zlatan who do you think?
  11. Boksic

    The Greatest Weekend Ever

    As if Juventus winning the league last weekend wasnt enough, my second favourite team Rangers won the league in the last 2minutes of the game! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the second time in three years, the quest for the SPL title...
  12. Boksic

    Juventus tickets for a euro????

    Allo stadio con un euro: la promozione si allarga Praticamente esauriti i settori interessati dall’iniziativa, che da venerdì sarà estesa anche all’Est 3° livello I saw this on the juventus website and tried to translate it but my italian is pretty poor. But...
  13. Boksic

    Our Young Superstars

    Hey this is my first post ever and have always wondered about Juventus' young players. I have followed the progress of the Primavera and the players on loan but never seen them in action!So was hoping somebody could post any videos of players like Volpato, Palladino, Chiumento so i can see how...