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  1. Mac

    The world against Emma

    Not a serious title, but a serious post. I wasnt aware of all the crap thats happened this past couple of days. Its a mess that seems to be going away. So maybe i should just leave it be and let it go away, thats what emma told me to do. But i was talking to Emma, and this has annoyed her...
  2. Mac

    The Future of Operating Systems Amazing :cool:
  3. Mac

    Do you Doodle?

    Im pretty sure everyone does this. I always do it during my boring lectures. And infact ive always been doing it always. School / work / waiting on the bus etc. So heres whats gonna happen. Everyone is going to post their doodles. Because i think they are interesting, because when you are...
  4. Mac

    Life After Death

    I guess here is the only possible options: Heaven: A place which is beautiful beyond our ability to conceive. Hell: A place where you are tormented and tortured by satan and his demons for eternity Annihilation: The body rots in the grave and is no more. Your soul and spirit ceases to...
  5. Mac

    fourzerozerofour - the dedication

    Im not much for post dedications but i had to create this thread so i can have a place to bask in the glory that comes with another thousand (er and 4) posts. This is a celebration of the rise (and demise) of McFarlando as prospect, moderator and Honorary Crew < thats kinda cool isnt it, makes...
  6. Mac

    Which is better girls/boys or football?

    Inspired by conversation in the Good Times chat thread i ask the age old question. Which is better girls or football. (Please note by girls/boys that also means the bad things that come with them lol) Please select the appropriate section Male Version Not many girls like football, do...
  7. Mac

    Dont download msn 6.1

    Its so shit. It keeps disconnecting me every few minutes :( :( Anyone got a version of 6 they could give me?
  8. Mac

    New Kid Rock Album

    This album is soo good. In his last album 'cocky' he was playing around with some southern rock and country stuff. This new album is totally southern rock. Fans of Kid Rocks older style may not like this new album, but i think its great. Definately look out for this one!
  9. Mac

    Retro gaming?

    Anyone still playing the retro games? Im talking mario kart, sonic the hedgehog, castlevania, metal slug, shock troopers, donkey kong, mega man, marvel series, etc etc Im playing them on the pc with emulators of course :)
  10. Mac

    Anime Movies/TV

    Any fans in here? Im not a huge fan but ive recently became addicted to 'Naruto'. Ive watched the first 25 episodes in 3 days :dazed: And loads of other cool series which i forget the names to but will find out :D
  11. Mac

    Juventuz Chat

    Since its there. Why not use it :) Someone organise a time or something. Im sitting there now if anyones bored :D
  12. Mac

    Lennon Quits After Death Threat

    Celtic midfielder Neil Lennon has announced his retirement from international football following the death threat - allegedly from the Loyalist Volunteer Force - that forced him to withdraw from Wednesday's friendly against Cyprus. Lennon had been named skipper of Northern Ireland for the...
  13. Mac

    it is me :)

    i am still alive :D ive made a comeback :)