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  1. Neptune

    Zlatan's new look!

    I like it...
  2. Neptune

    Del Piero Movie

    Thank you so so so so so much.
  3. Neptune

    Olympics in Turin 2006

    Thank you Isah, you're so nice.
  4. Neptune

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Yes, Ale is the best... Goooooooo
  5. Neptune

    Juventus - Treviso (goals and highlights - HQ)

    Thank you so much, Marty, That's great.
  6. Neptune

    [Serie A] Juventus vs Treviso

    I like it 2:weee:
  7. Neptune

    Roma-Juve Minicompilation

    Thank you so so so much....
  8. Neptune

    Best Juve Celebrater?

    Me too.:)
  9. Neptune

    Gigi's Back

    Waiting for his back...
  10. Neptune

    Roma vs. Juventus 1-4

    Forza Juve
  11. Neptune

    Del Piero to face Belgians

    Waiting for his performance...
  12. Neptune

    Welcome to the all new

    I like this new website. It's so beautiful.
  13. Neptune

    Best Juve Celebrater?

    And Gigi is a powerful player, he always show his self-comfidence.:oops:
  14. Neptune

    Best Juve Celebrater?

    :oops: David must be very very exiting.....
  15. Neptune

    Best Juve Celebrater?

    I love Canna. He is always laugh, he is really a happy man.
  16. Neptune

    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Ibra is really a special player. I like him
  17. Neptune

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    I love this thtead
  18. Neptune

    Dp & Mtv

    That's Really Great Thank You
  19. Neptune

    BT:Juventus-Livorno fullgame

    I really want to watch the second half Thank you Fondy And Thank you Cina.
  20. Neptune

    Juventus-Livorno, pls post goals if you can

    3 wonderful goals ,thank you all