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  1. Rio de Janeiro fellow travellers

    Planned to get there during the big games but I've just could book my airline. Little worried cause I've not get any hotel during my stay so far... I'm afraid I'll end up with a bag-pack in the streets of Rio... Anyone here has a same plan to get to Rio during world cup?
  2. Who travels for Euro 2008

    Have you planned to take a trip to Switzerland/Austria for Euro 2008? I think both countries would be overpriced during the games...
  3. IT Crowds - the best comedy TV show ever!

    For those who are a comedy guy, i extremely recommend IT Crowds. Don't know if its still broadcasting in UK but you can afford the DVDs. IT Crowds is the story of three idiot IT administrator working at the basement of a big company. To me it was a laugh-to-die program. I bet you enjoy it.
  4. For those who look for a reliable hosting

  5. For those who look for a reliable hosting

  6. Nancy Ajram lyric

    Lookin' for Tani (oultanieyh) lyric in arabic but can't find it. anybody got it ? send it to me please .
  7. Only one sentence in honour of lippi and guys

    Here you write a sentence comming from your heart in honour of italy champion .... Here i go: << Thank you guys for all the hard moments ... >>
  8. Italy should thank juventus

    Last night in Dortmund both teams played a fabulous international footbal. although it was obvious Italy was a head and neck upper than germany. We appreciate marcello and all guys effort to show the real italy. But there is something remains and that the juve guys who build the main...
  9. Orkut; Network of trusted friends

    hi everybody, this orkut is a damn cool comunity web i seen i'd like you to join to orkut since it might be interesting to u . ok old and new friends ,just leave a vlid email address here so i can add you in my circle of friends in orkut.
  10. windows 98 source code ,enjoy!

    #include "win31.h" #include "win95.h" #include "evenmore.h" #include "oldstuff.h" #include "billrulz.h" #define INSTALL = HARD char make_prog_look_big[1600000]; void main() { while(!CRASHED) { display_copyright_message(); display_bill_rules_message()...
  11. a new feature

    hi martin . fine ? i think it is more lovely if we have a "today's birthday" bar in the bottom of the page . what do u think ?
  12. Nathinal friendship week

    Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. to handle yourself, use your head; to handle others use your heart. anger is only one letter short of danger. if someone betrays you once, it is his fault; if he betrays you twice it is your...
  13. 800th posts

    after a long long run at last i got my 800th posts. it took me ,,,let me see ,yes more than two years..., unblievable! by the way martin:cool: gives me back my posts' number each time after updating the forum .... it could be less than 50 right now..... :D forza juventuz
  14. OFFICIAL: Inter Sign Crespo, Trade Ronaldo To Real 08/31/2002. Inter Milan have confirmed the capture of former cappocanioneri Hernan Crespo from Lazio in an official statement. They have further confirmed what SoccerAge earlier stipulated: that Ronaldo has been traded to Real Madrid...
  15. let us know your hotmail ID....

    well well ,as the forum grows and gets crowded ,i think you've to announce your hotmail ID right now:)
  16. computer science area

    well i think we've so many members here who are into computer world ,one creates web sites another developes programs etc so i think it might be useful to share our idea and skills. otherwise i think we can extend this thread to other jobs and gain it's advantages.:)