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    Hey evry1. Ive been watching champions league on espn for around 10 years now, and i don't know about any1 else but i really dnt like watching a game like for example, Liverpool vs Bordoux or anything like that were liverpool is a team that always finish 4th in epl, it gives no credit to...
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    Hey guys, im Robert, I used to run the TUTTO DELPIERO website dunno if any1 remembers it, im embarking on a new project now, im calling it SerieA Lounge, Its gonna be a community based website, i was just wondering what ppl think i could put on it, im gonna have goals, quotes etc but im...
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    Italy Under 21 VS Germany

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    Italy VS Slovenia

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    SFC Board

    hello i have just set up a small spoting forum nothing like this one here coz it was a school assignement but chek it our anyway
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    Juventus VS Feyenoord

    Juventus have alot to prove thi year as Italy's hopes in Europe lie with the Bianconeri. The first match is in holland aginst Feyenoord who are always tough to play, how do u think the boys will go?
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    This 2002/2003 Team is Great

    In the opening match of the Serie A against, Atalanta. Juventus looked like a completely changed side from last year in their playing. They played a beautiful passing game held by a strong midfield. There is also the back line with youngster Moretti, who showed he is a wonderful player and...
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    Ajax produce the best players

    Its often said that Ajax no longer produce young players, but just look at Van Der Vaart, he is only 19 and is already on the starting line up and one of Ajax's best players. and not only to they produce players but they scout in great players like Mido. They found Mido where no professional...
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    Will Juventus Get Back to Back Scudetti?

    What do you think? will juventus win another scudetto and make it 27 to our collection
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    Juventus' UEFA Team

    1 Gianluigi Buffon (goalkeeper) 2 Ciro Ferrara (defender) 3 Alessio Tacchinardi (midfielder) 4 Paolo Montero (defender) 5 Igor Tudor (defender) 6 Salvatore Fresi (defender) 7 Gianluca Pessotto (defender) 8 Antonio Conte (midfielder) 9 Marcelo Salas (forward) 10 Alessandro Del...
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    Italia's Under 21 National Team

    Tirrenia (Pisa) will probably host the Under 21 National team coached by Claudio Gentile starting Saturday, August 31. The team will begin its preparation for the first European Championship qualifying match against Azerbaijan. The match will be played in Baku on Friday, September 6, at the...
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    Juventus' Probable Formation

    This is how they will most certainlly lin up on September 15. Tell us what you think about the squad?
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    AC Milan VS Sloven Liberec - Leg 2

    How do you think Milan will go against Sloven Libarec
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    Inter VS Sporting Lisbon - Leg 2

    How do you think Inter will go against Sporting Lisbon.
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    Italian Football Websites

    What is the best website to find out everything about the world game in Italy, give us your thoughts?
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    Ronaldo is disrespectful

    After world cup 98, Ronaldo has suffered from long injuries and inter have supported him and even let him go back to brazil to recuperate on 2 occasions and now he will do anything to leave inter. Give us your thoughts?
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    SuperPippo or BoboVieri

    Who do u think is better suited to the role of striker for the Italian National team. Filippo Inzaghi or Christian Vieri
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    Lower European Leagues

    Here is the place to chat about the not so big leagues in Europe. eg. Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, Turkey etc.
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    After Trap - Scolari In Pole Position

    The FIGC are lining in replacements in the case that Trappatoni doesnt get Italy back on track. Marco Tardelli and Alberto Zaccheroni have been mentioned but Felipe Scolari who is of Italian background is clear favourite should Trappatoni resign or be saked.
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    World Football - Bring Back The Passion

    There use to be a time when Football was a beautiful game of passion, these days it seems that players are treating it as a job, not a game. I know Del Piero and Totti and Zidane and Figo are good players but what is the achievment of paying them over lets say 10000 dollars a week. Del Piero was...