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  1. Badass Dybala

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    Pjanic :sergoi:
  2. Badass Dybala

    Massimiliano Allegri

  3. Badass Dybala

    Merih Demiral

    Really don't want Demiral to leave but if its for Milenkovic, then I'm all for it. Main thing is we dont let Demiral go and entrust rugani again.
  4. Badass Dybala

    Carlo Pinsoglio

    Renewing his contract for another year. The legend is staying!
  5. Badass Dybala

    Azzurri Thread

    You know my reverse jinx betting got us champions league football?
  6. Badass Dybala

    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    I never said I was a fanboy, but if we're after a regista is there really other options on the market? I was even supporting the idea of jorginho last summer when we were heavily linked with him too, as for locatelli I'd certainly take him over pjanic for the role at least he has physical build...
  7. Badass Dybala

    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    Give this man a fucking contract extension!
  8. Badass Dybala

    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    Think we have to take his performances for Italy with a slight pinch of salt, especially with Jorginho in what is considered as Locatelli's best position in midfield
  9. Badass Dybala

    Euro 2020 - General Talk Thread

    Doubt they will, I've really liked what Mancini has done with this team, I even said not too long ago that we ought to consider him as a candidate for the Juve job prior to his recent contract extension.
  10. Badass Dybala

    The Super League

  11. Badass Dybala

    Azzurri Thread

    Spinazzola to be subbed off with an injury in this game.
  12. Badass Dybala

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    I have some doubts about Gab Jesus, don't know why but he just doesn't come across as someone consistent enough to be leading our line.
  13. Badass Dybala

    Andrea Agnelli

    Not being funny but maybe Ale didn't have immediate intentions to be part of the management, after all he has a very settled life in LA and has his own business ventures there to look after, it's just the way things are sometimes. I mean Nedved is the vice president yet a fair few on this forum...
  14. Badass Dybala

    The Super League

    such a weird analogy. I hope we downright refuse the acceptance of this financial punishment the other clubs have accepted too. This cunt already shat himself with man city's lawyers over ffp, does he really think he's gonna get an easier time against Agnelli and co?
  15. Badass Dybala

    Marco Davide Faraoni

    Definitely up there with Karel Poporsky
  16. Badass Dybala

    The Super League

    who the fuck calls the police for not getting into a party? :lol:
  17. Badass Dybala

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    tough shit, you don't speak for this forum :lol: Even so I'm not here to win some popularity contest. so much for you never responding to my posts. Temptation was too much eh? I guess you've still yet to figure the ignore feature on this forum :howler: 1623423394 he's just butt hurt because...
  18. Badass Dybala

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    Marotta preferred rincon unfortunately 1623418512 Di culo news please
  19. Badass Dybala

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    watch him score the goal that knocks Italy out.
  20. Badass Dybala

    Manolo Portanova

    Remind me what was the blasphemous words Buffon was accused of saying to portanova now?