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  1. genesio


    . no comment the best rapper EVAH! HO LIKE'S 2PAC?? peace out
  2. genesio

    we also forgot camoranesi :(

    yo people MAURO GERMAN CAMORANESI his birthday was also yesterday congrat MAURO!!!:strong::touched::party::thumb: you are dowing a real good jobthis year you remind me of the camo were we fell in love,the first juve year :D thx for the goal againts tel aviv
  3. genesio

    juve comp.

    here is a new juve comp, that i made. its+- 143mb and +-9.20sec ciao hope you enjoy it
  4. genesio missed the birthday off zlatan :(

    yesterday was zlatan's birthday he is now 23. normally you always see an congrat at but yesterday there wasent a congrat for zlatan WHY? did they mis it? to bad for zlatan :frown: happy birthday big man!:party::touched::P:fool:
  5. genesio

    Moggi is a Genius new juve player :D

    :D now we also have the sexiest team :cool:
  6. genesio

    i am the male version off liliana? :D

    much off you guys say that i am the male version off liliana??? why? :D LOL :cool: i think she is hot so am i hot 2??? lol :D ciao :cool:
  7. genesio

    be fast very fast ITALIA comp i have say it a couple off time's and i say it again BE FAST if the link is back down i will upload it again
  8. genesio

    Zlatan ibrahimovic movie that i made 8EE21 here is the link enjoy (i hope) ciao
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    My pic

  10. genesio

    love them ho's (eamon)

    its a cool song but does any one know's the REAL SONG! i mean the rythim of the song is an oldies and that song is just great but i dont know how it names can any one help me? ciao and THX AND FORZA JUVE!!!! :strong:
  11. genesio

    G-UNITTT !!! i wanne get to know ya

    WATH A GREATTTTTTTTT SONG i really love this song G-UNITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! Rulesssssssssss I wanna get to know ya I really wanna thug you, baby One dose of your lovin I know it gon' drive me, crazy I wanna be your lover I wanna get to know you, baby One dose of my lovin I know it...
  12. genesio

    !Bonera Towards Juventus!

    As usual Moggi announced the other day that the transfer market for Juventus was closed and he is on the verge of signing one of the most promising Italian defenders. Moggi has contacted Parma and has offered six million euro in cash for Bonera and considering the gialloblu’s financial...
  13. genesio

    post picture's of your life

    yea a new treath i am bored so,i put some picture's of friends family and stuff i will make picture's every day if ya want me to post picture's but for now on i put some for the one's ho is intrestet (yayaya bad english man) uuhhh oh yea i want to see also pictures from you guys the first...
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    test dont close this treath pleas this is a test