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  1. (Roma-ALain)

    A friendly match between my team alain(UAE) and as roma ended tonight at the olimpico 2-0 for roma. Despite the loss, ALAIN team showed a good performance in this match which makes me happy before the start of UAE league ! The italian press introduce alain as a team won juve in 2003 before...
  2. Juve & The CL ?

    i really couldn't find an answer for this Question : why we have not win the CL for 10 years ? i was asking my self what was the reasons . was it : 1-The Luck 2-The palyers 3- The management 4- The Calcio Race Nooooooo answer yet in my mind !!!!!!!! just questions ( why-...
  3. For Gurls only !!

    what's ur bra size ? 34-36-38 (b-c) Guys Please do not stick ur noses. let them answer ?
  4. Who has a tattoo?

    Anyone and where ?
  5. have you been to this situation be4?

    oooooh . for me lots of time !
  6. Why PM blocked for me ?

    can't even find an answer? Jump to sent items it shown.. but going to inbox (nothing)? There are no messages to display in this folder for this time period ! Come on . answer me ?
  7. Ouch it's really hurts (Arg-Bra) match!

    can't imagine that ? 3 famous players with the same move ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  8. Check ur passport record before getting VISA!

    on this site you can check ur record , just put ur name and country
  9. Zlatan equalize Golas with the legend platini !

    its for the History. zlatan is now tied with platini by scoring 16 goals for juve on the first season playing with juve. Platini scored 16 goals on his first season with juve. zlatan still have the chance .2 matches left to pass this record. will he do it? well done zlatan
  10. The new Playstaion (PS3)

    base price : 400-500 $ expect to release : end of 2005
  11. (Lazio-juve) HighLights.

    HighLights enjoy :cheesy:
  12. (Liv-juve) .Video before The Match !

    05-04-2005 Forza Bianconeri
  13. Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend ?

    if some one asked you ... from which nationality would you like you're Girlfriend or boyfriend be from ? see Yaaaaaaaaaa later Guys i wont Give my answer now ?
  14. Do you Like Ronaldo as much as she do ?

    woow How lucky ronaldo ....:D
  15. Show us you're formation for 2004 !

    we left 2004 Guys and i think you have seen alot of spectacular Players Played with Their Clubs Throw The Whole world. Now The Question. why don't you but them in one team and show us the Most Beautiful formation for you ? put the formation you like (4-4-2) (3-5-2) or (4-3-3) or other ...
  16. Moggi's wish for 2005 !

    an interview with The director of juventus (moggi) present The wish That he is looking to happen in 2005. Moggi said That he wish and looking forward to Meet ACMILAN again in The Final of CL after Milan defeat Juventus on 2003 Final. Moggi says : i wish to meet ACMILAN in Istanbul on...
  17. where is delpiero ..any news?

    as we heard and saw The Big disaster That Hit Most of the islands and countries in south asia .. we still worry about what's Gonna happen to delpiero ? as we know That most of italian Players went to spend The new year in those countries. maldini .. inzaghi and zambrotta were in...
  18. buffon goal keeper of the year !

    according to The FiFa calssification This Year buffon won The award with 850 point. second place went to oliver kahn(256) point & the third for chelsea's goal keeper Petr Cech (251) point. Go Go Go Gianluigi . congratulation
  19. what you can say about this Guys (pic)?

    i can not imagine that 14th week my Favorite team on top ( Juve) with my second Favorite (barca) sharing The same record until now Hmmm isn't weird !!!???
  20. MAICON to juve .winter transfers ?

    The latest News came from The King of Transfers( Moggi )says That he is trying to Bring The Brazilian side back defender Douglas MAICON who is Playing with monaco. The News says That Moggi Ready to Pay 3 millions EURO to get This Player by january. what is Going On ...