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  1. Turdhead

    The male gaze of Juventuz

    In less than an hour tonight. Thread as a serious conversation starter on our male gaze problem.
  2. Turdhead

    The World Against Fecal Samatar

    Have you read the first page of Nick Against The World lately? I have. 1 moment ago. It's a retarded non-event. It's time our counterculture moves further into the dark, under darker shadows, following Fecal Samatar. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I call for the abandonment of 'Nick Against...
  3. Turdhead

    10 years later

    I joined Juventuz in January 2005, as we approach 2015 I'm feeling like a comeback. I have time to kill, who could predict life at 30 turns so monotonous. Who can make me smile? Identify yourself by your 2005 name if you've been here in my time, maybe we'll rekindle something and I'll return...
  4. Turdhead

    I still remember it...

    I still remember it, stealing my attention. 'Nick against the world'. That solitary miscreants thread taunting me, daring me, to write something, anything. This was nothing to do with a football club, this was a weirdo club, a little place to hide, to be vulgar, to rape each other, to be...
  5. Turdhead

    Championship Manager 2001-2002

    This is the greatest one, anything since = pure shit. I've just seen a website thats "keeping it alive" with patches. They've just realised a new one now that make this awesome game totally up to date. So, I want it, where can I download it, anyone got it?
  6. Turdhead

    Poll: Why do you visit Juventuz?

    Lets be honest, the footie talk isn't so good. 1. For Pado. 2. You live in a pointless place where there are no other Juventus fans (basically you are one of those retarded people that do that). 3. When a bottle of wine won't bring about the sleep that brings about the end of the boredom.
  7. Turdhead

    What would you do differently if you could start over?

    Since my last potentially interesting thread was closed, let's try this. Though it will probably be closed because noone likes interesting here. Anyway, let's hear it.
  8. Turdhead

    What are you going to do tomorrow?

    I'm going to do nothing.
  9. Turdhead

    They killed the Juventuz site?

    Now there's just a forum here? That's just lazy :analcanon:
  10. Turdhead

    Anyone got an Asus EEE pc?

    They look pretty cool. Anyone got one?
  11. Turdhead


    I would PM someone, but it seems everyone is banned. The password I had doesn't work. So send me the new one for f*cks sake.
  12. Turdhead

    'scamming the scammer' and 'what your husband is doing on the internet'

    Found this just now and thought I'd share. Some nostalgic, reading from November 2004 for those who remember River.
  13. Turdhead

    The basement club

    I've got a new flat in Liverpool. Because I'm up and down so much from London I need a place there. The good news is it is cheap as fuck, the bad, it is half basement (the sleeping half). Anyone else here live in a basement or underground? Is it a serious threat to your sanity?
  14. Turdhead

    Is Azzurri7 more famous than Del Piero??

    Do you realise you are the number 1 on Google for azzurri7? Del Pie must be pissed.
  15. Turdhead

    John Barnes would beat Del Piero in a race

    I think he would. Discuss.
  16. Turdhead

    Juventuz Marketplace

    This vCash is for fannys. Lets buy and sell each others avatars, signatures & user titles like they do on all the advertising, web and money making forums (basically any forum that isnt a waste of time) for real dollars. Post here if you think your good enough for someone to want to buy...
  17. Turdhead

    The new vBulletin is off the fucking chain

    Tag clouds, social bookmarking, social groups, friend lists and other web 2.0 goodness. Pester the man at the top to make the upgrade.
  18. Turdhead

    Spare some change for the bus?

    I give all my money to Nick for a haircut. I want to change my user title. So yeah: :money: Cheers
  19. Turdhead - Stalk people.

    Out of total bordom, an over hearing of the buzz around the office and a need to talk absolute shite somewhere that isn't this forum, I've joined Twitter. I think it's probably totally useless but if you think MySpace, Facebook and whatever other shite is too homo but still want to stalk...
  20. Turdhead

    The whole team feels like a wet sponge

    Aye Or is it just me? Look like they need to wake up. Maybe it's the smog. A serious discussion, supposed to be anyway.