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  1. julio1011

    What about Primavera?

    yes i know we need to buy only a few already-built players in the coming transfer window.. but where are our youths?? we only have marchisio, giovinco and deceglie that came from our youth team?! i see that our primavera squad is at the top of their league... so they must be doing something...
  2. julio1011

    5 Players you want Gone!

    hey, we are in need of serious changes in juve to prepare us for next season.. who are ur top 5 blacklisted players? my top 5: Zebina Trezeguet Amauri Sissoko De Ceglie :ultra:
  3. julio1011

    why do juve always dig a hole for themselves?

    juve are a great team in the league, and in the group phase of the champions league. but juve can't play knockout football at all. i dont know why but juve always dig a hole for themselves in the first leg, and try to climb out of it in the second leg. why can't juve play as in the league...
  4. julio1011

    juve action figures

    ha... there are 5 different juve action figures... gigi,pavel,delpiero,thuram and zambrotta u can buy them here
  5. julio1011

    why juve will go red...

    although red plays no part in juve's history, wearing red gives a team an advantage playing sports. as crazy as it sounds read the article... ================================================= Winners wear red, study says 18/05/2005 12:26 - (SA) Paris - Wearing red gives such an...
  6. julio1011

    that euro 2004 song

    can someone plz tell me the name of the song in the euro 2004 ad and u see trez goal at euro2000 and other highlights, where there is a gold trail behind the ball. PLease can some1 help me?????
  7. julio1011

    Successful Summer

    moggi got rid off divaio,conte. and got capello, emerson, zlatan, cannavaro, kapo and zebina. NOT TOO BAD. he managed to strength every department of the squad considerably... while weakening scudetto rivals inter and roma, while also weakening champions league opponents ajax. what a...
  8. julio1011

    Zizou hangs up le boot de france

    As expected, Zinedine Zidane has announced his retirement from international football. "Zidane stops his international career here," said Les Bleus coach Raymond Domenech. "I regret it very much because I would have liked him to continue but he had already decided about it. "He thought...
  9. julio1011

    CL registration is thursday

    moggi claims that juve's transfer market is closed although there are those who believe that juve might still grab mutu or others and that moggi said this just to get the media off his shoulders registration for the champions league is thursday aug 5 teams in the champions league really...
  10. julio1011

    captain czech retires

    Pavel Nedved has won the Golden Foot 2004 award and announced his international retirement in a bid to conquer the Champions' League. "You never get tired of winning awards," smiled the 31-year-old Czech, "but I am now missing just the one trophy, the one I care the most about: the...
  11. julio1011

    nedved nets golden foot award

    08/03/2004- PAVEL NEDVED IS THE 2004 GOLDEN FOOT The 2004 Golden Foot is Pavel Nedved. The fair-haired boy from Cheb routed all his nine opponents in the race for the golden footprint on the Champions Promenade, and now his footprint is preserved in the football Walk of Fame in Monte Carlo...
  12. julio1011

    non-italian captain

    if we had a choice i know that most of us would prefer nedved to be captain than alex nedved is a great leader, he perfectly showed this in euro 2004 but i never saw a non-italian as juve's captain i did remember one time when dp got injured and davids took it and at halftime i saw davids...
  13. julio1011

    juve's official online store has opened showcasing all the new juve wear!
  14. julio1011

    Juve Attack...

    We know our defense needs helps but..........there are currently a lot of transfer news are being focused on our attack. Like Vieri, Gilardino looking favourable to come in... and trez how do you think juve's attack will look next season. I personally think...
  15. julio1011

    Help me with a formation!!

    as a juve fan i dream of seeing DELPIERO, NEDVED, MICCOLI, MARESCA AND CAMORANESI playing at the same time....with these 5 playing at the same time the other team will shiver until their knees drop out. Football is a 50:50 game so i say play 5 attacking players and 5 defensive. so can...
  16. julio1011

    Rosicky to pair with Nedved??????

    SOCCERAGE: Rosicky Closer Than Ever To Juventus Rosicky on his way out of Dortumnd (AFP) 03/29/2004. According to German media, Tomas Rosicky might be just a step away from joining Juventus next Summer. This after it has been known that Borussia Dortmund are after Danish 22-year-old...
  17. julio1011

    hahahahaha..... very JUVE funny video!

    In this video you'll see buffon, ferrara, nedved and pessotto hitting footballs aganist a wall (which they try to demolish infront of cameramen and a crowd). During this video ferrara gets his glasses knocked off from the rebound of a nedved volley, a cameraman gets hit also and pessotto slips...
  18. julio1011

    How about we sell Moggi?

    Come on we know that he has made some TERRIBLE decisions! He sold davids, he doesn't have the vision to see the real young stars out there like mexes. Juventus is the second richest club, c'mon Moggi use it..........
  19. julio1011

    Marek Jankulovski

    From the Czech Republic and Udinese, Jankulovski is an exceptional midfielder. He has vision with a magnificent pass, he can tackle and he scores! PAVEL SAID: "He's the best European playmaker. Moggi doesn't need my advice, however I know that Jankulovski is a Juve target." knowing...
  20. julio1011

    Platini praises Zidane and Nedved

    1983,1984 and 1985 winner of the GOLDEN BALL MICHEL PLATINI has praised 1998 GOLDEN BALL winner ZINEDINE ZIDANE and current GOLDEN BALL winner PAVEL NEDVED........... Michel Platini feels that Zinedine Zidane and Pavel Nedved are two of the very best players in the world. "I would buy a...