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  1. The Arif

    Contemporary Architecture

    Got this idea from another forum. Thought we'd discuss and post pictures of the (future/present) wonders of architecture here. I'll start with Tokyo's Sky City 1000:
  2. The Arif

    Diego to Juve!! (It's done)

    I just called a friend of mine who is connected to Ultras and he said that Diego is a done deal. Medical on Thursday. And whoever thinks I'm lying is an Inter fan.
  3. The Arif

    The 'Lets overrate our players' thread

    Put it all in here. Paro better than Fabregas. Palladino better than Cristiano Ronaldo. Palladino better than Amauri. What's next? Molinaro better than Maldini at his prime?
  4. The Arif

    Serie A: Juventus vs Parma [April 16, 2008] Match POSTP

    TV Channels showing the Juventus versus Parma match on Sunday. Mar. 30th, @ 14:00hrs BST (so far): - Al Jazeera Sport +1 C+ Sport (France) DigitAlb SuperSport 3 Five UK Kanal 24 Mediaset Calcio 2 OBN BiH Sky Calcio 1 Sky Sport Italia 16:9 Sky Sport Italia HD1 Sport 1 (Cze) Sport 1 (Hun) Sport...
  5. The Arif

    World's newest state

    Kosovo MPs proclaim independence Kosovo's parliament has unanimously endorsed a declaration of independence from Serbia, in an historic session. The declaration, read by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, said Kosovo would be a democratic country that respected the rights of all ethnic...
  6. The Arif

    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter [November 4 2007]

    vs JUVENTUS vs INTER Sunday, November 4 2007 20:30 CET Stadio Olimpico, Turin
  7. The Arif

    [Coppa] Parma vs Juventus

    vs Parma vs Juventus Wednesday, August 29 2007 Stadio Tardini, Parma 21:00 CET
  8. The Arif

    Juventus 3:1 Real Madrid

    fgh5, in case you ask for a http link for this game, we don't have it.
  9. The Arif

    [SPA] 2007 SuperCup Real Madrid - Sevilla

    Real Madrid losing 1:3 to Sevilla in Bernabeu. :D
  10. The Arif

    Materazzi: Here's what I told Zidane

    Marco Materazzi has finally broken his silence to reveal the exact phrase that prompted Zinedine Zidane to head butt him in the World Cup Final. The two men have always been cagey about what was said that day in Berlin on July 9 2006, although Zizou had hinted it was an insult to the women in...
  11. The Arif

    Collina gets designator post

    Collina gets designator post Thursday 19 July, 2007 Pierluigi Collina has been given the job of referee designator for Serie A and B for the 2007-08 campaign. Collina was regarded as one of the world’s best referees during his distinguished career and was always strong favourite to...
  12. The Arif

    Sacchi sees Juve Scudetto

    Sacchi sees Juve Scudetto Sunday 24 June, 2007 Arrigo Sacchi believes Juventus can make an immediate challenge for the Scudetto in 2007-08. The Bianconeri have been wary of making any promises to their fans upon their return to Serie A after the year of purgatory in Serie B, but Sacchi...
  13. The Arif


    Anybody watches it? I get to watch a lot of wrestling, and I kinda like it, although it is a fake sport. John Cena rules. :cool:
  14. The Arif


    Aspettando le mosse dei Blues, nei piani della Juve c'è Crespo Crespo nei piani della Juve. Il centravanti difficilmente resterà all'Inter: lo ha confessato anche Moratti. L'argentino può arrivare in prestito dal Chelsea e fare da balia a Huntelaar. Le partenze di Trezeguet e Bojinov...
  15. The Arif

    Funny referee :D
  16. The Arif

    [Serie B] Juventus - Napoli [10-04-2007] (postponed for NT play from 25-03)

    vs Juventus vs Napoli Tuesday, April 10th 2007 17:30 EST Stadio Olimpico, Turin
  17. The Arif

    Chxta, watch this

    Especially the part in the beginning :D
  18. The Arif

    9000 posts and still counting..

    I know that most of the time the dedication thread is created when you reach milestones like 10k, 15k etc..but God knows when I'll reach 10k so I decided to open it at 9k. I'm not gonna mention any names, as I'll probably forget someone, and I don't want to leave anyone out. So, I just want...
  19. The Arif

    Gattuso meets Moggi

    Great Gattuso and Moggi imitation: :rofl2:
  20. The Arif

    Cristiano Ronaldo rumour again

    United offer Ron to Juve Wednesday 17 January, 2007 Manchester United are supposedly ready to offer Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in return for David Trezeguet and Raffaele Palladino. Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport claims that United have renewed their interest in the Frenchman, who...