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  1. Dragon

    In European Soccer, Underdogs Never Win Championships. Is That OK?

    In reverse chronological order, the last eight champions of Portugal's top soccer league are Benfica, Porto, Porto, Porto, Porto, Benfica, Porto, and Porto. In Scotland, the list reads Rangers, Rangers, Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Rangers, Celtic, and Rangers. In England, the same three...
  2. Dragon

    The Dreamer HQ

    Okay, so here we can ask everything we want to know to The Dreamer. I'll start: What is your real name? How did you end up working for Juve? Who is the friendliest player? Tell us something we don't know about Del Piero
  3. Dragon

    Gay Germans?

    TOP GERMAN FOOTBALL AGENT CLAIMS THERE ARE 'A BUNCH OF GAYS' ON THE WORLD CUP TEAM German football agent Michael Becker, agent to top footballer Michael Ballack, is making sports headlines across Germany after an interview was published in which he attributed the elegant style of the World...
  4. Dragon

    Stoning or Firing Squad?

    Utah prepares for firing squad execution of Gardner Ronnie Lee Gardner, undated image from Utah Department of Corrections Ronnie Lee Gardner has been on death row for 25 years The US state of Utah is preparing to put convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner to death by firing squad, the...
  5. Dragon

    If you don't want to end up bald or gay don't eat chicken!

    If you don't want to end up bald or gay, don't eat chicken, says Bolivian President Evo Morales. Speaking at an environmental conference this week in Cochabamba, Bolivia, (officially titled the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth) Morales told attendees...
  6. Dragon

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    I'd like to ask this to everyone here to see how much you've planned your life ahead. Lately a bunch of people have asked me what I wanna do in the future and honestly I don't have a clue. To answer the question I guess I see myself having graduated from grad school, working (dunno where)...
  7. Dragon

    What's your all time fave electronic song?

    It can be of any electronic genre. I'm torn between these two: One More Time - Daft Punk Hey Girl, Hey Boy - Chemical Brothers The World Is Mine by David Guetta would be a close contender too.
  8. Dragon

    People I really miss

    I am aware there is a thread dedicated to missing members, but I would like to know the status of the following people because this place would be so much better with their presence: Elnur Majed Fli aka Fliakis Zlatan Esteban aka Espectro Arturo aka Hydde Zlatan Kiran aka K10 Tom DJ aka baggio...
  9. Dragon

    ¿Hablas Español? RELOADED

    Okay, since there is an Arabic Juve thread and a complete subforum in Italian, I thought it would be nice to have this old thread back. Todos los que hablen espanol presentense aqui! ETA: Please no Mexican/Spic jokes on here. Thanks.
  10. Dragon

    Copa America 2004

  11. Dragon

    Happy Birthday to a Special Member

    Todays the day when one of my favorite posters here (and all his double accounts:D) become legal! Happy birthday, Andrew, may this new year and this new chapter of your life bring you happiness and makes all your wishes come true PS: Id save you from a burning building too:D
  12. Dragon

    Burke For Mod!

    After careful consideration and recent events between mods, Ive decided to bring back the Burke For Mod movement because I think he'd be a great mod. What do you think? I'd like if Marty took this into consideration. Burke for mod!
  13. Dragon

    Why their football is better than our football

    Why our football is better than their football The World Cup is over, and NFL training camps open in less than three weeks, which got the FOX Funhouse staff thinking about why we like our football better than the world's football ... Much better looking trophy given to the champions...
  14. Dragon

    World Baseball Classic

    I got this from It already started yesterday. Japan beat China and korea beat the Chinese Taipei Thank goodness the games are here. After a full year of theories and complaints and predictions being swatted back and forth like shuttlecocks, the World Baseball Classic is finally...
  15. Dragon

    Happy Hanukkah

    Happy Hanukkah to everyone!
  16. Dragon

    What did you dream yesterday?

    What did you dream yesterday? I dreamt I was pregnant and my mom was also pregnant and I had a boy. My mom wasnt pissed that Id gotten pregnant without being married
  17. Dragon

    Private Messages

    Is there any way I could see ALL 580 messages I have in my inbox in just one page? I already tried clicking the drop-down menu that says Inbox/Sent Items, but whenever I click on Inbox I still get 12 pages of messages Thanks
  18. Dragon

    Stuck In An Elevator

    If you had to be stuck inside an elevator with three Juventuz members who would they be? why?
  19. Dragon

    MTV Gol

    There's a program MTV is doing about following ten young 'promise' players on/off the pitch while the World Cup qualifications. You will be able to see the players not only on the pitch but outside celebrating their birthdays, weddings, sharing things with their friends etc. The players...
  20. Dragon


    Whoever supports the idea of being able to see who has repped you sign here. It would be great if Marty or any of the mods said what they think about this. As the great Tom said: