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  1. SpeD

    Italy's xenophobia

    hey i found an intresting article on bout italy banning non-eu players indefinitly, i'm not sure if theres a thread already on this, but its quite intresting. So Italy is flirting again with football xenophobia and the banning of foreigners. It should be made to refer to...
  2. SpeD

    Dyer: We Can Shock Juve And Stay Alive

    Kieron Dyer is refusing to accept that Newcastle's Champions League campaign is already doomed, and is backing the Magpies to pull of a shock win at Juventus next week. Bobby Robson's side followed up their defeat in Kiev with a disappointing 1-0 loss at home to Dutch side Feyenoord to leave...
  3. SpeD

    CRAGNOTTI to step down?

    Cragnotti ready to sell Lazio Posted September 24, 2002 - 12:42 Lazio owner Sergio Cragnotti has revealed that he is ready to sell Lazio. He also reveals that Lazio could have had Vieri in the team today. Cragnotti: "I am ready to leave Lazio. I am working to keep this club in a good...