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    [ITA] 2007 SuperCoppa: Inter - Roma

    Yellow card Ibra.:pint:
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    Serie A Nutcase List

    Having watched Lucarelli's bizarre antics on Pandev, it strikes me how Serie A is filled with nut cases you rarely get to see in other leagues. Heck, I would even say Robby Savage, with whom I was totally shocked about in recent months, would be rather moderate in Serie A. Pity Di Canio isnt...
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    Best futsal team.

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    Most under appreciated all-time Juve 11

    I had a chat with a friend on the most underrated players over a drink yesterday. Anyway our conculsion was that compared to the era when Rio gets dubbed as "world-class" for a couple nights of mind-blowing performances and 360 days of sheer mediocrity, 90s were a golden time in terms of...
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    Split: NBA stuff

    If we apply the logic used in this thread Houston Rockets should never have trade Steve Francis for T-Mac because the former is sponsored by Reebok in contrast to latter's Adidas. The matter of fact is, IMO, the team will try to sign players that they like regardless of the sports-maker that...
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    Mistake Prone 11

    Just had a curious idea: what would be the most mistake prone starting 11 right now? GK: Bartez vs Van der Sar: There is obviously personal bias on this position. The images of Van der Sar flapping crosses, and fumbling shots are still vivid. Montella, Sosa, Salas? :stress:. Cost us Serie A...
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    Re Juvenation?

    I know I am going to surprise many people here, but I expect there will be a massive shakeup of the team teregardless of how this group do this year CL and Serie A. Of course my prediction is merely a conjecture without solid base on insider info. but my "gut" feeling says that this year deals...
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    Favorite goal-celebrations.

    1. Martins, I saw a Newcastle player doing couple of summer-saults. Well having saw what Martins do, I feel sorry for the guy. 7-8summer-saults in a row,:eek:, he provided the best spectacle in Milan-Inter derby in CL. 2. Ravanelli, Bit of bias involved, but no true Juve fan can forget...
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    Best futsal team.

    I enjoy watching, and more importantly playing Futsal. A terrific game which demands good ball control, and quick thinking. Out of all the professional players in the world, name 6players which you think would make a best futsal team. G Buffon, DF, Nesta MF: Zizou, Viera, Carlos F: Raul
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    Draft Pick!

    Presume that the new league is starting, and any player in the world is available to be selected. By a co-incidence Juve won the lottery, and has the right to pick first. As a president of new expansion club Juve, which player would you pick to build around? My choice: Gigi Buffon...
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    Three Wishes

    Imagine yourself as Aladin, (did I spell it right?), and that you have a genie. What three wishes would you make? Me: 1. Money, enuf said 2. A bowl showing all the little dark secrets of Moggi.:D 3. Being Beckam for a day. Curious how the man feels like being a super star.
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    Name a squad 11players you hate!

    Summer is frustrating, and stressful time, be it monsoon, heatwave, humidity, and I bet most you are feeling stressful. So why not relieve stress through this thread?;) My list, GK: Kahn- His outlook give me fits, and when he is on the pitch I get paralysis. RB: G. Neville- A geek playing...
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    Juve All-Time All Star XI

    Name your all star XI from past and present Juve team, and 5subs The basis of teams is not picking the best 11 that played for Juve but a team which you think would have won most games and trophies. 1. Zoff 2. Ferrara 3. Cabrini 4. Scirea 5. Kohler 6. Deschamp 7. Tardelli 8. Zizou 9...
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    Nedved for FIFA World Player of the Year Award Campaign

    I know its bit early, but surely Nedved's current performance deserves a notice. We need to start this campaign early because I feel that some Brazilian Madrid scores couple of goal just before the award, he is more than likely to be awarded.:fero:
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    Player Hatin'

    A new thread, in which, we can take out all the stress or unhappy feelings that piled up during last few weeks. Name top 10 players, you hated, and make fun of them. BTW, swear words are allowed.;):D.
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    Top 10 list of Juve players you hated most.

    New, topic, and I hand you a daunting task.:D Name me a top 10 Juve player all time, you hated most.:D:D:D For me, 1. Van der Saar. (Although, I admit he was good in Ajax, he was shit in Serie A) 2. Cesar, (Brazilians never make it in Juve) 3. Paolo Di Canio (I just can't stand the...
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    Name your favorite top 10 Juve player in order.

    :D:D The forum has been a little bit dull lately, so I just wanted to introduce some thread to weaken everybody up!:D My favorite Juve player 1. Del Piero, 2. Robby Baggio 3. Vialli 4. Peruzzi 5. Deschamp 6. Zidane 7. Ferrara 8. Di Livio 9. Kohler 10. Moller
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    Got bored, so I decided to run through similarities between our glory days in mid 90s and present day. And I found out that it is strikingly similar. It is that history repeats itself? Here are some of the similarities that I have found. 1. Lippi one the Scudetto on his first year. 2. Milan...
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    Do you think Ronnie deserved FIFA award?

    Simple yes or no
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    Why are Serie A clubs doing well in Euorpe this year?

    Italian clubs have been doing well in this year's champions league competetion. Last year, only Juve and Roma, went into the winter break being in the competetion. This year however, both Milan clubs, Juventus and Roma, are still running for the competetion. Although, Roma has been doing poorly...