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  1. GRK

    Rep mistake

    I mistakenly left negative rep to instead of positive rep.:oops: Any way to fix that?
  2. GRK

    To Lebanese - The World Cup?

    With the whole ART monopoly thing, I was wondering what the Lebanese members here are gonna do to watch the World Cup in Lebanon? What channels can we watch it on now??
  3. GRK

    Help - need sound effects

    Hey, does anyone know where I can get sound effects like from pacman and other old arcade games? It's kinda urgent. Thanks
  4. GRK

    Forgotten vBookie event

    Why is the Cricket Pura Cup still an "open" event in vBookie? Please fix it, and thanks.
  5. GRK

    Seems like ages ago

    It seems like ages ago when Juve last won a game. Remember at the start of the season, we thought we'd win it all, without a loss and hardly a draw. What happened?
  6. GRK

    Finally Logged

    For about 2 weeks, every time I tried to enter, I was redirected to another site and couldn't get here. :cry: Don't want that to happen again, can anyone explain that?
  7. GRK

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. And Happy New Year to everyone.
  8. GRK

    GRK 1K

    Here's a short 1K dedication:weee: Azzurri7 - Almost as big a Del Piero fan as me, my favorite member giovanotti - first member to mention me in a dedication Marty - thanks for not selling Martin - You had your fair share in making this thing too Zlatan - My fav mod mikhail...
  9. GRK

    [Serie A] Juventus - Cagliari

    Juve vs. Cagliari is the Day 15 match on December 11, this sunday. Forza Juve! By the way, Milan face Inter that day.:weee:
  10. GRK

    You may not vote

    How come in some vBookie threads it sais you cannot vote? Anyone know? By the way, vBookie is cool!:weee:
  11. GRK

    New feature, what's vCash?

    Can't figure it out. What's vCash?
  12. GRK


    Anyone here have any form of OCD? If you do, don't be ashamed to share. I've got a mild form of OCD, from which I can't sleep if I hear footsteps from the appartment above mine. But I used to have a big one where I had to touch stuff an even number of times. That was weird, good thing I'm...
  13. GRK

    [Serie A] Juventus - Livorno

    On Sunday afternoon. Forza Juve, back to winning ways in the CL, time for Serie A.
  14. GRK

    [Serie A] Lecce vs. Juventus

    Day 8 for Juve is on 22/10/2005 away to Lecce at 3:00pm. Forza Juventus!
  15. GRK


    I noticed many Lebanese members on this forum. Let's every Lebanese member on this forum post here so we can see hom many there are. If you have another nationality as well, say what it is. I'm dual nationality, Lebanese and American. Next?
  16. GRK

    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Messina

    After beating Inter, and having a 5 point lead in the Serie A, Messina should be a breeze. But let's not underestimate them. 100% record to continue! The game is on the 15th, a Saturday, at 8:30. Still a while until the game.
  17. GRK

    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    Sunday night October 2 is Juve vs. Inter. Juve still at a 100% record and leading. Keep marching on.
  18. GRK

    [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    On September 24, it's Parma - Juve. I see our champions earning another win. Forza Juve!
  19. GRK

    Waste of time

    Out of curiosity, what does everyone do to waste time when there are no plans?
  20. GRK

    Best of the worst

    Everyone here must hate some genres or bands or artists. But I know that most people must like some songs by artists in the genres they hate. Give your examples! Stuff you like that you would usually hate.