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  1. Meow

    Vote for Gigi and Trez!!--OSCAR DEL CALCIO 2007 - Fan Award

    Vote for Gigi !! OSCAR DEL CALCIO 2007 - Fan Award
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    Show me your pets!!

    I'd like to start this thread with my 2 crazy devils:
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    Zlatan: Who's da man / Zlatan Song :D [merge]

    Tribute to the Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic by the band Elias. This song is featuring the singer Frans, only 7yrs old. If you are warming up for the World Cup, this is a must-have. Beats the crap out of the official swedish WC song by Tomas Ledin...
  4. Meow

    Zambrotta vids?

    Just wondering are there any nice Zambs vids/comiplations around?? There are tons of Ale's and Zlatan's...even Emerson's and Vieira's. Can't believe we don't have Zamb's ??
  5. Meow

    Ale's Suzuki ads Lot's of good vids in the football when you see the garage scene with a "virtue" Ale... Vids with him talking about his life...his dream...his city.. And the making of the comercial (Sonia is in the ad too...) Last thing....could any of our...
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    Hurra Juventus

    PDF version of our official magazine: ftp://fans:[email protected]/juventus/pic/magazinePDF3.rar
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    DVD copy softwares

    Any reliable /user-friendly ones you guys know of?? There are too many around and I just want to make sure what I'm downloading is virus/spyware free.... Thanks for you help....:)
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    Round 18's the final round. Good luck everyone! Week 34 - 16/5/04 Chievo - Bologna Empoli - Inter Lazio - Modena Lecce - Reggina Milan - Brescia Parma - Udinese Perugia - Ancona Sampdoria - Roma Siena - Juventus
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    Round 16

    Week 32 - 2/5/04 Chievo - Modena Empoli - Bologna Lazio - Reggina Lecce - Inter Milan - Roma Parma - Ancona Perugia - Juventus Sampdoria - Udinese Siena - Brescia
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    I had a dream

    Well, I had a weird dream last night... I was enjoying a holiday, probably overseas (you know sometimes in a dream you just feel things, God knows how you know about what's going in your dream) Then I saw Edgar Davids sitting in a corner, wearing the Juve Jersey so I went over to tell him...