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  1. Valley

    Ryan Giggs

    10 minute highlight of Giggs' career so far. Obviously some great dribbling and amazing pace when on the ball. But he also scored some lovely goals. Including a right foot (!) curler from outside the box, some good free kicks and some classy tricks. Unfortunately, a lot of the music...
  2. Valley

    Don't the Juve management ever....

    look around and decide to change their youth policy? I mean, we have a very good Primavera team and have done for some time. But no one ever is given the chance at Juve. Instead, they get loaned out and eventually turn out crap. I guess Moggi sleeps soundly at night thinking "Well I'm...
  3. Valley

    Tudor to Bolton

    One year loan. Official. We really need another back up centre half. :down:
  4. Valley

    Why are we not seeded for the CL?!

    But somehow Inter and Arsenal are! Milan, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barca, Bayern Munich, Inter, Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid are the seeds. What have Arsenal ever done in Europe? Let alone the fact that we won Serie A last season. What is this based on?
  5. Valley

    Moggi's Dictionary

    What do you think Moggi's dictionary looks like? Promise (verb) Something that is meant to be broken. also, Promise (adjective) see "Youth" Youth (noun) A dangerous quantity often present in extremely good players. Consider removing. Creativity (adjective) see "Youth" Loan (verb) A...
  6. Valley

    We are losing depth. I'm worried.

    I don't know where to post this sorry. It seems we are losing loads of players who gave us strength in depth. Look at the midfield! We're losing Blasi and Tacchi. Who will provide backup to Viera and Emerson? Since it is thought that Maresca is going too, we could be well screwed. We need...
  7. Valley

    Man Utd fans open hotline

    Man Utd fans have opened a hotline for those who are suffering from a trophyless season. If you are struggling in this difficult time, please call 0845 10 10 10 The number again? 0845 won nothing, won nothing, won nothing.
  8. Valley

    High Wages in Football

    You have heard this all before, and I'm going to sound like a crazy hippy, but I find the wages in football quite disgusting. At times it is enough to put me off the sport at the highest levels. My brother worked in a cancer research lab and was on about £12k a year. It makes me sick to my...
  9. Valley

    British and Irish Lions 2005

    Hopefully we can go some way to changing our frankly abysmal record against New Zealand. Pretty tragic that since 1888, we've only once won a tour against New Zealand (1971). :down: The first warm up game is vs Argentina on the 23rd May and I can't wait. If we lose though it won't be a good...
  10. Valley

    Marseille Want Meghni Bologna playmaker Mourad Meghni says he would consider joining Marseille if the Ligue 1 club rekindled their interest in him. The 21-year-old Frenchman is regarded as one of the most skilful young players in Europe and has been...
  11. Valley

    Javier Mascherano to Chelsea?

    More dodgy dealings seem to be going on:,,277-1591486,00.html BY THE time they leave the pitch away to Bolton Wanderers this evening, Chelsea expect to have been confirmed as champions of England for the first time in half a century, but any notion of...
  12. Valley


    Can't see a thread about it here, but he has gone to Corinthians of Brasil. Pretty crazy if you ask me.
  13. Valley


    Sky Sports News are reporting that Adrian Mutu is "to hold talks with Serie A leaders Juventus".
  14. Valley


    I think he's a pretty decent player. He seems to be doing good this year too. Apparently, Arsenal are lining up a £5m bid to replace Bergkamp, and Barcelona are interested. Now we have Zlatan I don't think we would need him and he wouldn't be a good 4th striker unless Capello rotated very...
  15. Valley

    The "English Football is Superior" Thread

    Post here anecdotes of smug English pundits/ commentators/ fans making comments that t imply English football, in particular the EPL is the best. During the England match against Austria, when England scored their second goal it was down to good closing down by Gerrard. Here is a paraphrase...
  16. Valley

    Last chance for Canna/ Thuram?

    I can't help thinking, Thuram and Cannavaro are around the age when a defender hits his peak normally. I'd say there are two seasons for these two where we can trust them to be world class. After that....well look what happened to Montero. That means I think we need to win the CL in the next...
  17. Valley

    Repurcusions for Roma

    There has been a lot said already. I wonder what will happen though. It seems possible that there could be a ban of a few matches at the Olimpico. Another possibility is getting thrown out of all UEFA competitions for a year or two. I personally think this is unlikely, but it is the right...
  18. Valley


    I really wish they would mess up in the Champions League. All the commentators and pundits over here are so smug. They are desperate for an English side to win it again. But what's English about Arsenal? About two or three players! Even the style cannot be considered English. This club could...
  19. Valley

    Possibility of Tudor move to Newcastle today

    According to Radio Five Live (UK). He's flying over for a medical. Would not be surprising, they lost Woodgate, we have Canna. I think we could also put a high price on his head, since Newcastle are not short of cash right now.
  20. Valley

    Blair injures Berlusconi

    Tony Blair and his bodyguards had a football match against Berlusconi and his bodyguards. At some point in the match, Blair tackled Berlusconi and injured his knee cartilage. He still limps a bit two weeks later. :) Nice one Blair :)