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  1. LaPrimaJuve

    CHIMENTI will not play in the CL for Juve!!!

    He isn't on the website and Bonnefoi was the goalie sub which means he will not play GOALIE for us in the CL!!
  2. LaPrimaJuve

    Wanted - Ibra being a ball hog

    Does anyone have video of Ibra not passing the ball to either Mutu or DP during the Rapid game. (There is a player on the rapid squad called Ivanschitz) :rofl:
  3. LaPrimaJuve

    Best (worst) misses part due

    These all occured in one game, Milan vs Juve Berlusconi cup 2004. Absolutely dreadfull finishing by the entire Milan squad... and Kapo. :D
  4. LaPrimaJuve

    Request - BT of Real v Juve

    Anyone who has this match either downloadable or in a torrent file, I would love them. The two matches that I am interested in are both second legs (from last season and 2 seasons ago). I was away from the country for the last 5 monthes, so I was unable to DL it when I had the chance :down...
  5. LaPrimaJuve

    Post any questions about your trip to Delle Alpi HERE.

    Yo, I don't know if this is the right thread, but this is just general team talk, so here goes. Ok, I'm going to go watch this game when it happens in March. I just wanted to know whether or not anyone has actually been there and could give me a feel of the stadium. I haven't bought tickets yet...
  6. LaPrimaJuve

    FootballFiles 2004 Goal of the year...

    Vote for Zlatan!!!
  7. LaPrimaJuve

    The return of Edgar Davids.................

    I thought I'd throw this into to see what everyone thinks: ================================================= Davids pronto a lasciare l'Inter (C.d.Sport) 03/01/2005 10.06.00 L'olandese potrebbe andare a Roma al posto di Dacourt che andrebbe a Milano. Dopo la bella stagione al Barcellona...
  8. LaPrimaJuve


    Yo, I know someone out there has a copy of the 2nd leg CL match between Madrid v Juve (1-3). I would like a copy badly and would really appreciate it if someone could help me out! Aiutami! Hilf mir! Grazie Mille FORZA LA JUVE!
  9. LaPrimaJuve

    Wanted - Adriano gettin Slapped

    Like the Canna thread, does anyone have video or pics of Adriano getting b1tch-slapped? I want to see what really happened. FORZA IBRA, FORZA ALEX, FORZA BUFFON, FORZA LA JUVE!
  10. LaPrimaJuve

    Zeman doesn't know what he's talkin about!

    I don't know if anyone has posted this or not. ============================================= Zeman Launches New Attack On Juventus 10/30/2004 9:21:00 PM Coach of the moment Zdenek Zeman believes Juventus are not the strongest team of this season’s Serie A, despite their...
  11. LaPrimaJuve

    Wanted - Pics of Canna gettin' Picky!

    Does anyone have any good fotos of Cannavaro jamming his fingers up Totti's nose? If it is in another thread, please show me the way!! For once, Totti to feel a bit of humiliation, and he didn't take it too kindly!
  12. LaPrimaJuve

    Del Piero vs Mexico!

    Yo! I need pics of the DP celebrating as well as video of him celebrating. Does anyone have some? Also, any really good pics of Zambrotta for Juve or for Italy in that game. Gratze!
  13. LaPrimaJuve


    Juventus rocked as Trezeguet faces 4 months out - October 5, 2004 Juventus have been rocked by David Trezeguet's injury on Sunday against Udinese. The Frenchman suffered a major shoulder injury, which could see the forward out of action for four months. Its a major...
  14. LaPrimaJuve

    What is Capello Thinking?

  15. LaPrimaJuve

    Design your own jersey for 2005

    OK, the original thread was from last year and so i decided to resurrect it from the dead with this one. I have also added the first shirt that I made. PHOTOSHOP FREAKS, SHOW US YOUR STUFF!!! :lick:
  16. LaPrimaJuve

    My favorite website....

    Check this website out, it's my favorite: But seriously though, these bastards have got to be stopped. Anyone got an EMAIL BOMBER! :groan::fero::devil: