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  1. wandy

    REQ: video theme uefa champions league

    i take this video on RCTI: the official tv patner uefa champions league in indonesia. But anyone, whos have video like this, but without commentary sound and without Playstation 2 advertisement? i want get it...please help me.... thanks... video:
  2. wandy

    C.Ronaldo Advertisment in Bali

  3. wandy

    The Best On Uefa Last Season

  4. wandy

    Berlusconi Throphy last season....

    AC Milan 0-1 Juventus: (Olivera): now the problem my computer cant install real player...anyone can convert this video on MPEG? and upload it on megaupload? Thanks before.... :D
  5. wandy

    Req: Juve 1-0 Standard Liege

    the goal scorer is Treze...anyone have it? Please post here the links.... :D
  6. wandy

    Req: Video presentation of Vieira

    Please anyone have it...please post here....: :D
  7. wandy

    goal keeper score in Libertadores....

    here's 2 goal score by sao paolo goal keeper, yesterday:
  8. wandy

    Video Goal Livorno vs Juventus

    at Half time: Livorno 0-1 Juventus at Full Time: Livorno 2-2 Juventus Nedved 10': Igor Protti: Lucarelli...
  9. wandy

    Request: Juventus vs Real Sociedad last season

    Halo, guys... I want make request, and body have video 4 goal scored by juve striker at this match: Juventus 4-2 Real Sociedad Champions League 2003/2004, 1st round. at Delle Alpi.... Anyone Please..... :D
  10. wandy

    video: AC Milan vs Juventus FC at San Siro

    Forza Juve!!!! Treze goal: 1st half highlight: :D
  11. wandy

    Juve 2-1 Milan, 02-03

    who's have these Di Vaio and Thuram's goal on video? please post here... thanks :D
  12. wandy

    Juventus 2-1 Udinese

    Video Zlatan: Camo: Udinese: Thanks to abu-jassim site...:D
  13. wandy

    Cagliari 1-1 JUve, Video Goal

    Cagliari 1-1 Juve: Emerson: Zola: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  14. wandy

    Soccer coomercial

    Any one have video soccer commercial i need this: 1. Footballitis part3. I didnt found this video, just footballitis 1 and 2. 2. Beckham Castrol Power One. Thanks........:D
  15. wandy

    Parma 1-1 Juventus Video

    Here parma 1-1 juve: Juve: Parma: :fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero::fero:
  16. wandy

    wallpaper 2004/2005, please!!!

    hmmm... i want all everyone there can put your new wallpaper juve in this season not including last season. I want search juve wallpaper with new logo and new player. please take URL please. thanks B4:D
  17. wandy

    Who's Have (2002/2003) Video Goal JUve 3-0 Inter?

    Anyone who have a video goal like this: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Video: Juve 3-0 InterMilan Season: 2002/2003, Serie-A week 23. 2 March 2003. Goal scorer: Guly (OG), Nedved, and Camoranesi...