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    Stay in touch...snoop ;)
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    well done..Congratulation :D keep it up :thumb:
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    A new Juve fan on the forum

    Congratulation :angel:
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    I found Graham's video.

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    [Serie A] Messina - Juventus

    Freeze them all ;) :howler:
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    Happy birthday Zambro

    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: just for you...Zambro HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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    To all The Kuwaities , plz help

    my favorit song :D 1. Dragostea Din tei 2. Despre Tine
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    The year of our Lord.

    x10 ;)
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    I'm gonna be a Mom !

    Congrate to you and family :angel: about twin:D
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    Please Sign The Petition

    #179 is me. ;)
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    Huge Tsunami waves hit Southeast Asia

    PMs please! :D
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    Huge Tsunami waves hit Southeast Asia

    May I help you ;)
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    Huge Tsunami waves hit Southeast Asia

    If anyone need some help to search your friend/family that missed or disappear in Thailand. Please post their full name, nationality, province that they went to on this forum or PM. I will do. :angel: Or check it by yourself at :
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    Does anyone have high-res Cannavaro pics???

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    Huge Tsunami waves hit Southeast Asia

    I’m living in Thailand, but my home so far from that place. I'm ok. More than 500 people(Thai+Foreigner) are confirmed dead in Thailand. Include a nephew of the king was dead too. (We just find his dead body in 30 minutes ago) My friend’s grandmother was disappear yesterday until now, so...
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    Funny Birthday guy :D and Merry X'mas to all.
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    Merry 'X mas and HappY New year to all! :kiss:
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    Avatar Centre

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    real madrid

    when? and where? :D
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    [Seria A] Bologna - Juventus

    :thumb: exactly