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  1. Geof

    IFFHS Top 200 clubs of the century

    The great scientists of IFFHS have compiled a list of the 1901-2000 european clubs, ranked by the results in european matches over the whole XXth century. Real Madrid ends up first, with Juventus earning a second spot: 1. Real Madrid CF España 563,50 2. Juventus FC Torino Italia 466,00...
  2. Geof

    International Friendlies

    I can't find a thread for this. Anyway, later today the Czechs will play Belgium. Expected line ups: Czech Republic Cech (Chelsea), Drobny (Hertha Berlin), Grygera (Juventus), Rozehnal (Hambourg), Jankulovski (AC Milan), Hübschmann (Sh. Donetsk), Polak (Anderlecht), Plasil...
  3. Geof

    Intel fined 1 bn Euro for antitrust offence

    Brussels fines Intel record $1.4bn By Nikki Tait in Brussels and Chris Nuttall in San Francisco Published: May 13 2009 10:45 | Last updated: May 13 2009 19:14 Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, has been fined a record €1.06bn ($1.44bn) by Europe’s competition authorities for abusing...
  4. Geof

    Juve: the second revloution? J. Elkann planning ahead

    First off: this is not another :cry: thread. If you want to cry and shout your anger, you'll find plenty of thread around here this day. This particular thread is to report, discuss analyse, criticise or applaud initiatives to turn around the crisis and get Juve back to what it is: a winning...
  5. Geof

    Moussa Dembele - Crazy dribbling goal

    Moussa Dembélé showed a glimpse of his extraordinary talent by scoring a crazy goal for AZ this week-end. Enjoy.
  6. Geof

    The avatar game!

    Most posters probably identify each other through their choice of avatars. So my question was, could I match an avatar with the right poster? Rules of the game are simple: 1) Choose a poster with more than 1,000 posts. 2) Save his avatar on your computer and upload it in the thread (for...
  7. Geof

    [OTHER] Other Leagues 2008/2009

    This is a thread to share news and opinions from the less followed leagues in football. Comments about Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Belgian, Scandinavian, Greek South- and North-American and whatnot leagues are welcome here. I'll start with some (transfer) news in the Belgian league...
  8. Geof

    The Wire

    Anyone watching this? I'm about to watch the last episode of season 3, and I must say it's really brilliant.
  9. Geof

    Jaap Stam Quits!

    Jaap Stam Retires In a shock move, Ajax captain and renowned defender Jaap Stam has retired from football at the age of 35... Jaap Stam Retires zoom - galleria Hours after missing Ajax's trip to FC Utrecht for personal reasons, it has transpired that Jaap Stam has played his last game of...
  10. Geof

    Radiohead's new album costs... whatever you want to pay

  11. Geof

    Moratti and Galliani face fraud charges! The 'procura' (sort of D.A.) ordered that Massimo Moratti, Ghelfi, Gambaro and Galliano should be prosecuted in a fraud case on financial statements. The accusations are that both Inter and Milan stated bigger amounts on player...
  12. Geof

    Legendary Coach back to Juve!

    A legendary coach comes back at Juve in the person of Narciso Pezzoti. He was Lippi's assistent during the most succesful 94-99 period, winning nothing less than: 3 scudetti, 1CL, 1 Intercontinental cup, 1 Eur. Supercup, 2 Italian supercups, and 1 Coppa d'Italia. Later on he worked with...
  13. Geof

    The Future of Juve: Interview with JC Blanc

    Here is an interview of Jean-Claude Blanc for La Stampa I translated from the French translation on so it might have some inaccuracies. It's quite long and speaks about both...
  14. Geof

    BBC - Hooligans in WC '06

    Here's the link to a 55min BBC inside documentary on (mainly English) hooligans during WC 06 in Germany.
  15. Geof

    Juve - Here comes Simunic

    Acoording to, Alessio Secco is following Hertha Berlin's strong and tall Croatian DC Josep Simunic. The transaction is estimated at 4M Euro, but it is unclear if the Germans will agree with letting their DC leave in January. Meanwhile, the primary target stays Barzagli, and it...
  16. Geof

    German Music?

    hey all. I'll be living a year in Berlin starting in october, so I'm already trying to adapt to the local culture., listening to German music, for example. Anyone can help me? and please, no Schlagermusik!
  17. Geof


    The World Cup is taking all the attention of football fans all around the world, but in the dark offices of Europe's biggest clubs, macchiavelic plans are made to dominate European football next year: the Mercato :devil: Italian teams (at least, Juve) are awaiting the verdicts of the...
  18. Geof

    BREAKING NEWS: Kompany signs for HSV and other sources to follow in the next hours. the fee is not known yet, but I think it's somewhere around 10M Euro. The transfer has been confirmed by both clubs, and Vince will be presented in Hamburg later this afternoon. This also means that Van Buyten...
  19. Geof

    Nedved to Monaco? Pavel Nedved verso il Monaco 06 06 2006 Pavel Nedved vicino al Monaco...
  20. Geof


    Hi you geeks, I was using zonelabs firewall, and I was pretty happy about it, free easy and apparently reliable. Unfortunately, I got some troubles with it while using Emule. I read that this firewall isn't recommended when you use emule. So do you guys know any good (and free) firewall...