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  1. Hello guys..

  2. Juventus forum in arabic

  3. I want to have freinds here

    Erik .... the life in Syria is very beautful :cool: majj .... sure i have many gf in my City :cool: Darin ... thnx :) BloodOnMoral ..... I'm always :D:D:D:D:D Guerillaurbano :cool: dj juve .... shokran :D and thank you aaaaal
  4. Is that day coming ???

    thnx guys
  5. I want to have freinds here

    Thank you all , and i wish w'll be friends :):cheesy:
  6. I want to have freinds here

    thank you alllll and i want a BF too thnx K10 :):) of course i like Karlberg :) really i have a gf friends in my City , but i want gf in Internet
  7. I want to have freinds here

    pleeeeeeeease i want a GF :down:
  8. Reveal yourself!

    I will introduse my self now Name : Aghyad City : Damascus , Syria Nationality : Syria Hair : blonde Eyes : brown high : 181 weigh : 80 Occupation : Student Age : nearly 15 I have a lot of nicknames , its all in arabic of course : ghayod , abo al ghed , aghyoood , ghyoodti ...
  9. Euro 2004 Qualifying: Finland-Italy

    Finland shock Serbs Finland has done Italy a massive favour following a 3-0 win over Serbia & Montenegro . yes :):)
  10. Euro 2004 Qualifying: Finland-Italy

    Camoranesi to miss Finland? Mauro Camoranesi has been ordered two days of complete rest and could miss the Euro 2004 qualifier with Finland. The Juventus midfielder has still not fully recovered from a minor calf strain in his right leg. The Italy squad’s medical staff have ruled him...
  11. I want to have freinds here

    hi please , i want to have some freinds on that forum :down::down:
  12. Is that day coming ???

    thnx a lot Cloris :):)
  13. Season 02/03: Juve's Player of the Year

    1- NEDVED 2- DEL PIERO 3- THURAM 4- BUFFON thats mine
  14. Is that day coming ???

    First , sorry because I'm not an always member but I promise you all I'll be an always member fron now ! My name is Aghyad , I'm from Damascus , Syria We all remember how Del Piero is take the first place in all Juventini from Baggio ! But is Fabrizio Miccoli going to do the same ...
  15. Sign here if you like Juve!!!

  16. Which part of the World are YOU from?

    I'm from Asia from Syria
  17. :: Great Goals In Killing Times ::

    and i think you are lier juve lord bcoz you are a member in ths site who i wrote and don't be sad from me
  18. :: Great Goals In Killing Times ::

    hi juve lord i think you musn't take the thread without excuse the onwer of it !! right ? i know it , but want to write here have you got any mind !!
  19. CL final tickets wanted urgent

    I'm sorry mela88 all tickets sold out
  20. :: Great Goals In Killing Times ::

    juve lord you are thief :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad: you get that thread from here thats the same thread but in arabic...