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  1. Hello guys..

  2. Juventus forum in arabic

  3. I want to have freinds here

    hi please , i want to have some freinds on that forum :down::down:
  4. Is that day coming ???

    First , sorry because I'm not an always member but I promise you all I'll be an always member fron now ! My name is Aghyad , I'm from Damascus , Syria We all remember how Del Piero is take the first place in all Juventini from Baggio ! But is Fabrizio Miccoli going to do the same ...
  5. request ....... pleaaaase

    please i hve a request : I want to change my name to Juve Boy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase !!! :down::down::down:
  6. When can i put pic?

    Hello When can i put a pic under my name ?
  7. Juventus forum in arabic

    Click here to go to Juvents forum in arabic
  8. Hello guys..

    Hello guys Im from Syria and Im one of best Juventus supporter