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  1. GiocataGrande

    Massimiliano Allegri

    I dont trust this NonMollo guy one bit. Probably an inter supporter trolling us
  2. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    the excecution was too messy. Need to form a strong alliance.
  3. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    Things wont fking change unless we start catching up. This aint gonna get any better unless we adapt. SuperLeague was an attempt, but a poor one, at least it was excecuted poorly
  4. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    Hopefully you guys get off your fuc#ing high Horses the next time, wake up and smells the burning coffee. You guys are doomed too, just a matter of time. Dont even give me that shit about german talent because that aint gonna last forever
  5. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    Football has gone into the Dark Ages. Prepare for the black plague. A world where Gary Neville will be the decider of Morals and choose what is acceptable or not. "ENOFF IS ENOFF " will be cheered on every ground as filthy oligarchs continue to corrupt the sport and rubbing their hands...
  6. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    Well i really hope so. If not it means Mouth Breathers will dominate world football forever. sounds like a Zombie apocalypse
  7. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    This is it: The future of Football: EPL Teams dominating every big stage : CL , even EL. All the money will go to them. Teams like West Ham, Leeds and Leicester will start challenging us in Europe and on the transfer market soon enough. Prepare for hell
  8. GiocataGrande

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    ffs I am not discussing the definition of the word win/winner here: Offcourse a winner is a winner and a loser is a loser ..... like, come on man???? The logic you speak of sounds like a mathematician trying to merge an enormous amount of factors and variables (like the ones i already stated...
  9. GiocataGrande

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    So you remove all other factors when judging a player and refuse to take them serious if they dont win trophies, ignoring other factors like: Strength of opposition, Coaching, Strength of the club (Kane for example has been carrying Spurs for ages, always performing well, but this will now be...
  10. GiocataGrande

    Premier League 2020-21

    "ATTEMPTED MURDER OF ENGLISH FOOTBALL" :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  11. GiocataGrande

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    Kean offcourse
  12. GiocataGrande

    Utterly Bizarre Moaning

  13. GiocataGrande

    Champions League 2020-21 #CeferinOut

    Embarassing how long it has taken them
  14. GiocataGrande

    Serie A 2020-21

  15. GiocataGrande

    Serie A 2020-21

    Hilarious appointment, im expecting a shitshow to start as soon as serie A kicks off with media scandals etc. He is completely washed as a coach but still top entertainment
  16. GiocataGrande

    Moise Kean

    I swear , best decision i made. forum is actually enjoyable to read again after i threw him in the bin
  17. GiocataGrande

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    This. They are getting way too comfortable
  18. GiocataGrande

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Come on, dont generalize that hard. A lot here just see it as a natural process that he is regressing, no hate involved. He is still a magnificent player, just not as insane as he used to be, and that is fully acceptable given his age
  19. GiocataGrande

    Andrea Pirlo

    probably wont happen before end of season.
  20. GiocataGrande

    Weston McKennie

    Like a Dog chasing cars. I kinda like him, but he is extremely raw