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  1. Claudio Marchisio

    I don't care how he's doing in Zenit and I think even Marchisio himself doesn't care about his playing time lol. He's pretty much in retirement mode the moment Juve kicked him and went to Zenit. Now he's just collecting his last paycheck. I only care that he is legend for us, was one of the...
  2. Paulo Dybala

    Can't believe people want to sell Dybala after just one bad season. He was scoring 20+ goals since he came here And reading the replacements people suggest... Chiesa? Zaniolo? Icardi? LoL I'd rather call Sturaro back
  3. Massimiliano Allegri

    This Crossventus playing style has to do with Juve poor midfield, none of the current midfielders have the ability to carry the ball forward through the middle, or delivering through pass. Bentancur can dribble but his final delivery sucks. Matuidi, Can, and Khedira only good at off the ball...
  4. Champions League 2018/19

    So winner of Juve - Ajax will face winner of City - Spurs for SF. I'm confidence Juve can reach final
  5. Europa League 2018/19

    You forget that Pool reached Final just last year with pretty much the same squad? and I think this season they improve it with Keita and Fabinho? They beat City in SF last year, and they beat Bayern this year, teams with better talents. Sure they have weakness like their FB aren't that good...
  6. Europa League 2018/19

    Calling MU serious contender is just silly, yes they have the chance to make it to the final or even winning it (so are teams like Porto or Ajax) but that's a different story and it requires massive luck for them to make that achievement. Their squad is nothing special, they even played some...
  7. Europa League 2018/19

    Lol MU was just lucky against PSG. They got trashed in the next game by Arsenal. I know their performance improving since Mourinho left but that's what almost always happen to any teams when they change their coach somehow they'll find new belief and their confidence rises..... until they get...
  8. Federico Bernardeschi

    I don't think R9 and Kaka are muscular guy lol. Big and tall for their position, yes, but no way they are muscular.
  9. Paulo Dybala

    It's not a matter of physical strength, Dybala isn't that weak but unlike Berna, Costa, or Messi, he lacks the speed. He has good control which enable him to get out of tight pressing but once he gets past his opponent it'll only take few seconds to catch up with him. That's why you rarely see...
  10. Emre Can

    Can definitely not suited as B2B, he's bit too slow which can cause trouble when he has to track back leaving our DF line exposed and lacking technical ability like Pogba or Vidal (tho Vidal never really fast either but he was very good at tackling opponent from behind). He should be the deepest...
  11. Massimiliano Allegri

    So many memes of Simeone's gesture with Allegri's face on the internet. His expressions are priceless :lol3:
  12. Champions League 2018/19

    Hope we can meet Bayern and Barca before final or the rest of big teams knocked each other out. Then I hope Porto is our opponent for the final. Looking at Juve records in final, I'm not really confidence with it so the final should be the easiest opponent. Seems underwhelming but it's been too...
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Del Piero at Bernabeu comes to mind. And he did it with garbage teammates lol I miss ADP :cry::cry:
  14. Emre Can

    Seems he did fusion with Khedira tonight so his Ki level improved 1000 times. He usually bit weak but tonight he was a tank
  15. Bioty Moise Kean

    Hopefully he'll stay here for many many years
  16. Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    Always love when he's bleeding
  17. Paulo Dybala

    I feel he's gonna be starter in the next round and he'll have big game. Seems Max just bit late to do some tinkering this season, he only realized it after first leg against Atletico. I believe Max will find a tactic which suit Dybala and the entire team
  18. Leonardo Spinazzola

    He is more unpredictable than Sandro for sure since he can use both feet. Also he's very fast
  19. Miralem Pjanić

    He's really better playing further up the pitch but it sucks that we don't have someone capable playing as regista other than him. If only Marchisio never injured
  20. Federico Bernardeschi

    This is the reason I fell in love with Juve. Italian talents who play with full grinta and really embody the spirit of Fino Alla Fine. From Del Piero, Buffon, Chiellini, Marchisio, and now Berna