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  1. Siamak

    Angelo Peruzzi

  2. Siamak

    Angelo Peruzzi

  3. Siamak

    Radu Dragusin

    It's actually far more unusual to need lube.
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    Forum Bugs & Suggestions

    October 16th : Day of Tuz forum created in Monday October 16th, 2000.
  5. Siamak

    Paul Pogba

    I think he will sign a new contract as no one will buy him and his agent wants money.
  6. Siamak

    Gianluigi Buffon

    What a perfect example of a real human reaction. Immediately blaming the person who insulted you pushing the other down by throwing existing but mostly non existant flaws in there face.
  7. Siamak

    Gianluigi Buffon

    linked to atalanta
  8. Siamak

    Paulo Dybala

    dybala : Matches: 11; Goals: 15
  9. Siamak

    Paulo Dybala

  10. Siamak

    Weston McKennie

    he also received the best USA player award. I wouldn't say thats unfit because he's definitely one of our best. Undoubtedly top 4
  11. Siamak

    Weston McKennie

  12. Siamak

    Summer mercato 2021-22

  13. Siamak

    Zinedine Zidane
  14. Siamak

    Missing Members

    Seems you got a few mentions in this thread, hope you doing are well.
  15. Siamak

    Movie Talk (New Films, Old Films... doesn't matter)

    watched little women(2019). I've already read the novel upon which this movie was based. honestly I’ve had a huge crush on Saoirse Ronan since I first watched the movie.
  16. Siamak

    Missing Members

    Great to have you back mate. It's been too long!
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    Missing Members

    @Ramin 1618385943 @Scottish
  18. Siamak

    Juventuz is 10 years old!

    21 years!!
  19. Siamak

    Stock Market

    work as a Freelancer.
  20. Siamak

    Cristiano Ronaldo