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  1. JuventusFan

    [SERIE A] JUVENTUS 1-1 Sampdoria (02/15/09)

    I see, so you're not talking about casis as in events, rather about casis as in individual statistics. Although I do agree that watching the matches give you a much better indicator than reading statistics, but for the team to be the 2nd least conceded AND the 3rd most scored despite the...
  2. JuventusFan

    [SERIE A] JUVENTUS 1-1 Sampdoria (02/15/09)

    I might be missing something, but where did he take out a single case? The statistics he mentioned are over the course of the season, not just one or two matches.
  3. JuventusFan

    [SERIE A] JUVENTUS 1-1 Sampdoria (02/15/09)

    Absolutely true. Ranieri has certainly done very well under the circumstances that the team faced this season, there might have been a few games where he made some odd decisions. But overall Juve coped well despite the endless list of injuries (which must be seriously investigated, there must...
  4. JuventusFan

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    It's been a while since I've posted on this forum. But this is a thread that I couldn't just read without posting. First, I have only read about 5 or 6 random pages of this thread, I don't have the time to read all 90 pages. What Israel is doing is much more than just a "violation of human...
  5. JuventusFan

    [Champions League] Juventus v Artmedia Bratislava (August 13th, 2008)

    I might be mistaken, but I think it's 21:45 in Saudi Arabia, so you probably need to re-check the other time zones. :P
  6. JuventusFan

    OFFICIAL: Christian Poulsen to Juve

    By the time I finished writing my last post, it seems that the transfer has been made official. Welcome Poulsen. Juve fans would've preferred to see Xabi or Aquilani, but hopefully you'll prove us wrong and play your part in a successful season for Juve.
  7. JuventusFan

    OFFICIAL: Christian Poulsen to Juve

    Marchisio can be considered as a "creative" centeral midfielder to some extent. Not to mention that Tiago will probably be desperate to leave after the disappointing season that he had. The only way that Tiago might be staying is if Ranieri is considering of using a 4-3-3 formation with 2...
  8. JuventusFan

    OFFICIAL: Christian Poulsen to Juve

    I really doubt that Tiago will stay. With the signing of Poulsen, will have 4 players for 2 positions: Zanetti, Sissoko, Poulsen, and Marchisio. There's no place for Tiago unfortunately. We all had high hopes for him, but he couldn't deliver. Hopefully he can get his career back on track with...
  9. JuventusFan

    Xabi Alonso

    First, I would like to thank you Mark. You made an effort with the best of intensions to keep us updated about the whole transfer saga, I haven't been posting in this thread (except once maybe), but I've been reading the posts on a daily basis. There were signs of a deal, and you informed us...
  10. JuventusFan

    Xabi Alonso

    Declarations from Alonso like "I want to win the Premiership" certainly won't help lower the price. I'm not saying he should start a rift with Liverpool or say he wants to move, but his latest declarations are only going to make Liverpool hold their price, if not try to increase it. 20.5m...
  11. JuventusFan

    Xabi Alonso

    I wouldn't really blame Secco if Xabi's transfer fell through. If the deal doesn't happen, then it's mainly because of Xabi's reluctance on making a final decision and Liverpool's insistence to sign Barry before moving forward with this deal.
  12. JuventusFan

    Xabi Alonso

    Hasn't it been mentioned that Segui is Sissoko's agent? There was an article today on regarding Sissoko's contract renewal. My guess is that the signed contract (IF the reports are true) is Sissoko's renewal, not sure why the other 2 people attended the meeting though.
  13. JuventusFan

    Serie A: Juventus vs Sampdoria [Jan 20 2008]

    Hello everyone, I apologize for not posting in the forums for a while, but I've been very busy in the last few months. Although I've been following the forum regularly without posting. Anyways, about the match, Sampdoria have been in good form recently (which seems to be the case with any...
  14. JuventusFan

    Serie B: Juventus vs Genoa [21/4/2007]

    I mixed up LB and RB :disagree: Obviously in my post I meant Chiellini as LB and Zebina as RB. :D
  15. JuventusFan

    Serie B: Juventus vs Genoa [21/4/2007]

    Great game by Juve against a very solid Genoa team. Serie A is getting closer, and that seems to give our players more motivation to play good football. Here are the players ratings IMO: Buffon 5.5: Not much to do today, but punshed away a few crosses that could've been caught, one of them...
  16. JuventusFan

    Updated news about the scandal - Hall of Shame

    Sorry, I forgot about the "no comments" policy.
  17. JuventusFan

    More scandals??

    No damage done to the penalised clubs?!!! I guess losing around 5 or 6 world-class players during the summer is an everyday occurence in football. Playing in Serie B is no big deal, who cares if you're thrown into a financial crisis due to the lack of income, we could just ask the people...
  18. JuventusFan

    good bye to all members

    I haven't posted here for a while. But it's sad to see an old member leave. (Although I didn't know him much even during my days here) Like mark83 said, staying on the Juventus forum for 5 years and not leaving despite relegation proves his love for Juve. I see nothing wrong with him...
  19. JuventusFan

    Gianluigi Buffon

    IMO this is just a rumour. We didn't sell Zambrotta to Milan and opted to sell him to Barca, so why would we ever sell BUFFON to INTER!!!! It's true that we were on the verge of selling Buffon to Milan, but that was only because they were willing to give us a replacement. Abbiati did well...
  20. JuventusFan

    [Serie B] Napoli - Juventus (2006-11-06)

    It seems this much will be tougher than first anticipated because of the injuries. A win is still possible, so we should go for it rather than settle for a draw. With our current injury-crisis in defence, I would go with Zebina-Legrotagglie in the center. Sure it looks risky, but they're...