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  1. JuventusFan

    More scandals??

    No damage done to the penalised clubs?!!! I guess losing around 5 or 6 world-class players during the summer is an everyday occurence in football. Playing in Serie B is no big deal, who cares if you're thrown into a financial crisis due to the lack of income, we could just ask the people...
  2. JuventusFan

    I'm back!!!

    Hi everyone. It's great to be posting in this forum again. I don't know if anyone here remembers me, I started posting here in 2001 and I had a great time in this site. But 2 years ago I got busy with a lot of different things in my life and had to stop posting here. But I kept visiting the...
  3. JuventusFan

    Byron Moreno Steals The Headlines Again

    Up to a couple of months ago, people in Ecuador fiercely defended their fellow countrymnan Byron Moreno, the man who 'helped' Italy bow out of the 2002 WC with a one sided direction in the match against South Korea. But now most of them have changed their minds. Last Sunday, Moreno made an...