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  1. Hydde

    My cookies be ballin'... they just too f'in large! [Fixed]

    Today i cant log intheforums from my pc in google chrome This message shows. Help me. I cleared cookies already
  2. Hydde

    Juventuz BBM channel

    We should really have one. The BBM chanels rolled out today and seem to be cool. Juventuz definitely need one IMO. It will be a nice way to communicate with each other all together in one channel. Thoughts? Marty, Martin?
  3. Hydde

    Juve & Bastia in new partnership

    Juve & Bastia in new partnership By Football Italia staff Juventus have signed a partnership with French club SC Bastia, according to Press reports on Friday. have claimed that...
  4. Hydde

    No third star for Juventus

    By Football Italia staff Juventus have confirmed that they will not add a controversial third star to their shirts for next season – but a new motto will be present. The Old Lady were threatening to place another gold star on to their jerseys to highlight their belief that they have won 30...
  5. Hydde

    Our strikers and the upcoming mercato

    With the current season coming to an end, and the mercato on the horizon, i would like to talk about what will be the future of our current strikers. Ill give my personal input and see what are ur personal opinions on the matter. One thing is sure, the upcoming mercato will be decisive for our...
  6. Hydde

    Just Imagine... :D

  7. Hydde

    Just Imagine... :D

  8. Hydde

    Pele, Maradona and..Zidane?

    This is something i have been discussing for years with my pals and people around me who watch football..... and i think this is the best moment to discuss it with you. Being myself a devoted Zidane fan (for the single reason that i started to follow Juve because of him), i would like to hear...
  9. Hydde

    My vCash went nuts!!!

    Someone help me with my V cash... yesterday i had around 550 bugs... i bet 50 on juve against bremen.... and 400 on barcelona against chelsea, but i pressed twice the "bet" button by mistake in the barcelona thread.... and since i didnt had another 400 bugs to bet... my account went nuts...
  10. Hydde

    mmmm, about that message in the match forum..

    yeah im talking about the one posted by that obl911 guy... u think that if the US take out the troops from Iraq and declare "peace" they will stop doing their shit?(im talking about the bombings)... This is really concerning..., because those fellas will try to do the same again..and i...
  11. Hydde

    HELP ME! PC Rebooting!!

    ok, i think is the first time i use this forum, but im in total emergency and im desperate., this is my story. My pc was full of viruses some weeks ago, but one of the most anoyying concerns was that it rebooted randomly...and this was a pain because i lost a lot of works form the...
  12. Hydde

    Muscular problem

    need a little help here... on thursday i entered the gym after along time without doing wight lifting (in thr past i used to do it in the house of a frind). on thursday i did a heavy set of execises... and now i cant move my arms, in other words flex them. I know that is normal to feel...
  13. Hydde

    Mario Reloaded

    Another one from newgrounds. clikc on "watch thismovie" 4mb Just TOO cool.
  14. Hydde


    Wassup forum... i has been very busy lately...and without internet. Im back.. XD just to let you know.
  15. Hydde

    Need help! Foot booties

    im doing an investigation about football boots. I dont have great knowñedge about football shoes.... but i know that some of you know a lot about it... i want to know names and prices and pics if possible of difeerent kind of boots.. from the oldies... the classcis,,and the one that are...
  16. Hydde

    Italian Player Enters Guinness Book Of Records

    04/27/2004. Torrenovese's midfielder, Renzo Zingales, has been entered in the Guinness book of records after scoring the fastest official goal of all time. This achievement occured last weekend during a game between Futura-Torrenovese, last matchday of the Prima Categoria Girone B...
  17. Hydde

    Best goal 2003 - 2004

    Well, this year there has been some very good goals in all the leagues. Ill mention my favs ones: *Giuly´s Overhead scissor and his backheel goal against Madrid. (martin, u surely know what scissor im talking about). *Mancini´s aerial backheel kick... it was just magic!. *Van der...
  18. Hydde

    Juve´s Best goals of the season 2003-2004. that the season is reaching it end, i was wondering which were the best goals. I looked up at my archive (where i have all the goals so far) and i made a list of my favs ones. *Milan 1-1 Juve: Divaio Divaio makes a 1-2 with Trezeguet and then receives the ball with a powerfull...
  19. Hydde

    30 Top Players available for FREE this summer

    04/14/2004. Here is a look at 30 of the best players who will be available for free at the end of the season due to contract expiry. Couto (Lazio) Mihajlovic (Lazio) Helveg (Inter) Almeyda (Inter) Pisano (Brescia) Vargas (Empoli) Zebina (Roma) Lima (Roma) Signori (Bologna) Spinesi...
  20. Hydde

    Mmm..Negative balance in numbers

    No son números redondos El Juventus Turín ha cerrado el balance del primer semestre de la campaña 2003-04 con unas pérdidas de 22,5 millones de euros TURIN (EFE) -- El Juventus Turín ha cerrado el balance del primer semestre de la campaña 2003-04 con unas pérdidas de 22,5 millones de...