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  1. pembohong

    Actor Russell Crowe Arrested in Assault

    Actor Russell Crowe Arrested in Assault 1 hour, 52 minutes ago NEW YORK - The actor Russell Crowe was arrested Monday morning for allegedly throwing a telephone at an employee of the Manhattan hotel where he was staying, police said. Crowe, 41, who plays a boxer in his latest film...
  2. pembohong

    You all have play Mario Bros in Nintendo right?

    Check this out! The alternate ending! Click the "Watch this movie" link!
  3. pembohong

    Juve players' anagram :D

    I don't know if this is the right forum, but here's a list of anagram of some of Juventus players and staffs using an anagram generator! No offense, it's just for fun :D:D Manager Fabio Capello => Amoral pig-face on able Luciano Moggi => I am uncool gig Goalkeeper Gigi Buffon => King of...
  4. pembohong

    Bianconerri, what does it means anyway?

    Hi, new fan here.... I've heard of this word, Bianconerri a lot and i know it's Itallian but what does it means really? And what does it has to do with Juve? Sorry if it sound stupid... :wallbang: :wallbang:
  5. pembohong

    Emerson Saga Finally Comes To An End

    Emerson Saga Finally Comes To An End 24/7/2004 from After weeks of twisting and tiring episodes, Brazilian ace, Emerson finally ends the speculation regarding his future by signing a 4-year contract with Real Madrid. This is a shocking news since Emerson had...