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  1. Michele Paolucci

    On summer Juve must sign a world class striker (you know Juve wants to be competitive as soon as possible). And will be really unfair to have Paolucci as quinta punta (fifth striker). I think that Ascoli is good for Paolucci, I mean, he has all the responsibility to score and give victories...
  2. The Return of Tacchinardi

    I think that Tachi will be a great sub, or maybe with a little bit of luck can be a starter. The problem here is that Juve need to buy a world class midfielder in order to keep Buffon and the others so if this happens we will have : Marchisio, Paro, Zanetti, Tachi and a World class...
  3. Juventus centenary shirt

    Here are the photos of the shirt:
  4. Juventus centenary shirt

    Hi Boksic The shirt is M size, the shirt looks nice, but the CL patch makes me doubt about its authenticity, because I don't think that Juve used that shirt on a CL match. The patch is gray and black. I have some pics but I cannot upload them, let me find where can I post the images and...
  5. Juventus centenary shirt

    Guys, I only want to know if Juve used the centenary shirt on Champions League matches. If not, the shirt I have seen maybe is a fake.
  6. Juventus centenary shirt

    yeah, that one. I want to know if Juve players used that shirt on Champions League matches of the 97-98 season.
  7. Juventus centenary shirt

    Hi Did you know if on season 97-98, Juventus players used the centenary shirt (the pink shirt) on the Champions League Matches? I'm asking because there is a guy that is selling a centenary shirt with the CL patch on it. He says that the shirt was bought on 1997.
  8. Serie B: Juventus vs Cesena [01-16-2006]

    Too bad, I get really worried when I saw the word "anegati" at Gazzetta. Too sad that they are dead. I think their parents will blame Juventus, and I understand them they will be really sad and angry. Lets see if this doesn't become a big problem for the club. Too young RIP

    They are not wasting only Masiello our other youngster, Rosi (or Rossi I don`t remember) is not playing.
  10. International Education - would you study in foreign country?

    Hi Did you know if there is opportunity for latinamerican students to study in Italy? I have finished college and I want to study in Italy in a couple of years. By the way, are there any mexicans in these forums?
  11. Our second team. Position in Serie A?

    Well if you think that this team can battle for a UEFA CUP post, I think they can win Coppa Italia. Balzaretti can play RB or LB? The team at Coppa Italia will look like this: Chimenti/Abbiati(when Buffon recovers) Pessotto/Balzaretti - Gladstone - Kovac - Chiellini Blasi - Gianicheda -...
  12. Cesar Delgado

    I´m happy that you recognize his talent, I really hope the comes to Juve. Because he is wasting his talent here at Mexico. Unfourtunately Cruz Azul managers are not stupid and they know how talented is "Chelito" I hope he isn`tt too expensive.
  13. Cesar Delgado

    Il centrale del Bayern Monaco arriverà a parametro zero in sostituzione di Montero. La comproprietà dell'esterno sinistro sarà riscattata dalla Fiorentina TORINO, 5 giugno 2005 - Mentre la Juventus è impegnata nella tournée giapponese, la Primavera segue le orme della prima squadra e...
  14. Cesar Delgado

    I read at La Gazzetta de lo Sport that Moggi is interested in this guy. He is argentinian, born in 1981 and plays in a Club named Cruz Azul in Mexico. I saw this guy playing and is really good. I think he is Nedved´s heir, because he is young and talented. So I think that if Moggi is really...
  15. !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, on may we will have 5 forwards Zlatan, Trez, DP, Zala and Mutu so obviously one will be sold in the summer. I think that keeping Zlatan, Trez, Dp and Mutu will be an error because there will be a lot any of them will like to be on the bench. So I think that Moggi is going to sell Trez or...
  16. The Doped Lady

    Ohh yeah and if Juve gives back its trophies, the club that will receive them (I suppose that will be the 2nd place on the table position of that year) has to be investigated in order to get the throphies. Hey, could you tell me which is the correct way to transform a thin guy into a strong...
  17. The Doped Lady

    Hi, this is an interesting discussion, I`m Juventus fan since 2003 when the team beat Barca and Real Madrid at CL, I was really impressed by this squad and its players, (Nedved, Davids, DP, etc..). The point is that I don`t know about Juve problems with doping until know. I really love Juve...
  18. [Coppa Italia] Atalanta - Juventus

    Kapo looks like a good player, but I don´t know if he can be converted in a striker like Capello wants, I really hope that he scores or help Zala scores but if he can´t do it as a striker I hope Capello uses Volpato on the second half. I also think that Capello will use Primavera players if...
  19. [Coppa Italia] Atalanta - Juventus

    I see you are really afraid about our B team, but I think that if Capello can trust on Tudor, Legro or even Montero to replace Cana and Thuram (lets remember that Cana and Thuram are not young players and that they need to rest, I like to have them at 100% to stop Adriano next November 28th)...
  20. [Coppa Italia] Atalanta - Juventus

    Hi again, dont forget that the game will be on Friday 19 at 21:00 GMT. If you understand Italian you can follow every serie A or Coppa game at go to the section tempo reale or you can go to