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  1. KeNgO

    Matteo Brighi

    What ever happened to him? at the begining of last season he was supposed to be one of italy's top midfielders, we loaned him out to parma for 2 seasons as i recall and now he has vanished! is he still playing with parma??? do u guys believe he will shine again as he was a very hot...
  2. KeNgO

    Goal Videos

    Please i have been trying to get goal videos for juve this season and so far so bad!!!! After the departure of the great Nekton and i have been having problems getting my hand on goals!!!! for example in the galatasaray game the goals are posted but once i tried to download them it gives me...
  3. KeNgO

    The Derby (Juventus VS Torino)

    this should not be a very difficult game although we should not take it for granted that it is a win for us!!! we did demolish them 4-0 in the first leg, and they are going through a terrible period at the moment!! but they will be fighting because it is the derby and because they need any...
  4. KeNgO

    Bernd Schneider!!!

    very impresive german!!! made a fool out of roberto carlos at the world cup final!!! can play at many different positions! his team is strugling which means we might have a good chance of landing him!!! i think he might be an answer to our midfield!! any thoughts?
  5. KeNgO

    We were lucky to qualify to the Quarter Finals!

    just a thought!!! we did manage to qualify to the quarter finals of the Champions league!!! but we only managed to get 7 points!!! which is equal to Basel and Deportiivo!!! i was very unempressed with our campaign!!! we barely made it! and we were not much better than last year! where we...
  6. KeNgO

    Modena - Juventus

    the feyenoord game is over and we are through to the next round of the CL now lets think about sunday's game against Modena!!! i think it won't be an easy game as that side seems to be a tough one!!!!
  7. KeNgO

    Davids goal against Kiev

    i was looking for a video of the Davids goal scored against Kiev!! i was unlucky as i wanted to see the goal from the begining! anyone has an idea where i can get a video showing the goal from the start of the play?
  8. KeNgO

    Fabrizio Miccoli!!!!!!!!!

    Fabrizio Miccoli :confused: he was purchased by juve this season and loaned to perugia!!! i saw a couple of his games and he is a very promising youngster!!! what do u guys think of him!!! he is only 22 years old!:D:D