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  1. Orgut

    Juventus games HD - Free or with cost

    Hi Do you know if there is a place where I can pay a monthly fee and receive Juventus games in HD - I know I can get streams in different quality but quality is very important here for this one - If this is possible please send me where I can find it (free is even better but I guess I wont find...
  2. Orgut


    Hi Are there people who are selling on ebay here? Im looking for some serious people to make some selling If this thread not allowed please let me know
  3. Orgut

    TV streaming solution

    Hi Im moving to a big building next month and Im looking for a different solution than my country's tv services that are on a monthly pay. Would you reccomend a satelite or is there a good streaming service that includes many channels? I want it to have football channels and my countrys...
  4. Orgut


    Hi I connected myself to some guys and I`m able to present a proposition for the ones who use ebay/have an online business I have a discount on almost every product sold and shipped by Amazon I can offer around 10% discount if you use paypal and I can offer more if you can use neteller - for...
  5. Orgut

    Ratio Master (need help)

    Hi I have Ratio Master and it gives me an error while I try to open it the error says: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to teminate the application" can anyone help me?
  6. Orgut

    What is the final verdict?

    too many threads about the verdicts got me confused Can someone plz tell me what is the final verdict after the civil court appeal? are we in Serie A or Serie B and with how much point deduction?
  7. Orgut

    Request some clips of Messi and Palacio

    Hi can anyone post here some clips of Messi and Palacio I heard great things about them but never really saw them
  8. Orgut

    What is the reputation thing?

    I see when you post a post or when I post one there is the rep up possibility What it does and what is the pupose of the reputation thing?
  9. Orgut

    So now Juve are Roma`s best friend?!

    Moggi reveals Roma aid Juventus transfer wizard Luciano Moggi has taken credit for Roma’s capture of two significant players this summer. The director general has today claimed that he advised the outfit to sign Shabani Nonda and Samuel Kuffour after both were linked with the Bianconeri...
  10. Orgut

    Need Nice Pictures

    Hi I`m collecting pictures which in the pictures you see nice things like Evil Seasame Street when you see the cartoons from the kids program with guns knives and a bottle of buzz If you have things like that plz post it so I can download it to my PC
  11. Orgut


    I was at Calciomercato yesterday and I don`t remember which paper wrote this but it was said something about Juve Vieira and Real Madrid If someone knows something plz tell me
  12. Orgut

    What do you think

    I think DP was great simply magnificent but now he is a good player and nothing more I think we can sell him for lots of cash basicly because of his name and bring in a younger player who is at his level and earn cash by that it will also help to lower our wage as you know DP has the biggest...