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  1. Ferrari^M

    United seal Van der Sar deal

    Fulham's Edwin van der Sar is all set to complete a move to Manchester United, can confirm. Speaking exclusively to, van der Sar's agent Rob Jansen confirmed the transfer was almost done. "The deal is done in principal," Jansen told "It will be...
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    I just want to make a suggestion.... When we discuss a film, why don't we put it as a rule or something that we should put SPOILERS warning at the top of the post, for those who want to see the thread and hear if the film is good, but not have it spoiled.... That's it :)
  3. Ferrari^M

    Angry Beavers

    I was just wondering does anyone know this cartoon? It was on Nickelodeon some years ago i think, and now they're replaying it here in Cyprus. It has turned out to be my favourite cartoon, it's hillarious. So, is anyone a fan, or am I the only poor weirdo that enjoys it? :D
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    Guys do you know any sites that have this year's Juve goals? Those i use to know i can't find any goals. Thanks
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    Being bored, i was wondering now that Cyprus will become a member of the E.U (P.S. yayyyyyyy :cheesy: ) ,do you people from europe know what is the cyprus problem and what's going on here?
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    Here it is...

    Yes. The ultimate proof that women are EVIL ! We all knew it but here is the mathematical proof. :D
  7. Ferrari^M

    Day of the Tentacle

    Just finished it today... i'd rank it No2 adventure game behind Monkey Island. From the start to the end it's hillarius, and there are lines that just stick to your head. Great idea to have the Mummy which you just talked to it but it helped you understand and remember what was going on in...
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    Calcio attacked by Spaniards

    The Spanish media have unsurprisingly taken another swipe at the Italian game after the Champions’ League Final. The tight affair between Milan and Juventus gave the Spaniards the perfect excuse to once again criticise calcio. "It should be outlawed that two Italian teams face each other...
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    Happy Tree Friends

    Anyone watched them before? Happy Tree Friends It's hilarious :D And they're soooo cute :cheesy:
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    Well we're like 3 or 4 people now talking greek in here. The spanish language has it's own thread so i felt we need one too. :cheesy: Tora fisika tosa liga atoma pou imaste ti na poume? Olympiakara ole! :D
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    Rivaldo set for Spanish return

    By Football Italia: Rivaldo will leave Milan at the end of the season in favour of a return to Spain according to reports. Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’ clams that the Brazilian will close his Italian nightmare this summer with Barcelona and Valencia apparently interested. The former Golden...
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    So what websites do you visit regulary? Mine are and a...
  13. Ferrari^M

    Football Italia

    Can anyone pls tell me the url of the site? Thnx
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    Some Comments PLS

    I have made a site with two of my friends and i would appreciate some comments / suggestions. Thanx My Site