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  1. aressandro10

    [WC] World Cup 2010 - General Talk Thread

    What an awkward preseason for Lionel Messi now. Think of all the half-hearted congraulations in Barca dressing room.
  2. aressandro10

    [WC] World Cup 2010 - General Talk Thread

    MESSI COMPARE WITH RONALDO 0 Goals during 1st half 0 0 Goals during 2nd half 1 0 Goals during 1st extra time 0 0 Goals during 2nd extra time 0 0 Penalties 0 0 Goals Scored in Penalty Area 1 0 Goals Scored from Outside Penalty Area 0 30 Total Shots 21 8 Shots From Penalty Area 2...
  3. aressandro10

    Juventus kits 2010/2011

    dont like the blackness.. too udinese/newcastle... black on white is more 'pure"....
  4. aressandro10

    [WC] World Cup 2010 - General Talk Thread

    A tight defensive team can win against this Germans. Holland and Spain would know how to do it. But definitely not Argentina
  5. aressandro10

    Most Impressive Player - WC 2010

    personally i quite dissapointed with jisung.. he tried hard as always but look ordinary among his rather impressive team mates.. i expected more...
  6. aressandro10

    [WC] World Cup 2010 - General Talk Thread

    i despise England. But they had to win now because if they not, we had to hear about that lampard "goal" forever and ever.
  7. aressandro10

    [WC] World Cup 2010 - General Talk Thread

    Damn. i would have like either Korea and USA to go through to the semis just for the sake of absurdity. Uruguay currently hold the advantage i think. Couple of suspensions and injuries to Ghana. Not the mention the extra lung busting 30 minutes the have to have to endure. including the night...
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    Most Impressive Player - WC 2010

    Not necessarily THE best but this group of players caught my eye.. 1. PARK Chu Young (S. Korea) 2. Vincent ENYEAMA (Nigeria) 3. Mesut OEZIL (Germany) 4. Keisuke HONDA (Japan) 5. Anthony ANNAN (Ghana) 6. Eljero ELIA ( Holland) 7. Siphiwe TSHABALALA (South Africa) 8. FABIO COENTRAO (Portugal) 9...
  9. aressandro10

    Japan Soccer wtf ?:D

    its cerezo osaka vs primary school students.
  10. aressandro10

    When will you stop supporting Juve?

    unless its your local team...
  11. aressandro10

    When will you stop supporting Juve?

    when you figure out that the team you support thousands a miles away do not have any connection to you whatsoever other than marketing purpose....
  12. aressandro10

    [Europa League] Fulham 4-1 JUVENTUS (March 18th 2010)

    2 consecutive too-bad-too-be-true result. it is as if Juventus defenders union doing a strike to prove some sort of a point.
  13. aressandro10

    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 3-3 Grygera (March 14th 2010)

    i turn on the tv and the match already in 10th minute. not only i missed juventus score 3 live goals, i spent the next 80 minutes watching siena score 3 of theirs... we gave them the chance...
  14. aressandro10

    Your Ideal World Cup Draw

    they should have decide the draw procedure 3 years ago before qualifying start. Deciding it 2 days before draw itself after all the team are knowm will leave open for manipulation... although i agree that they should only base it on latest FIFA ranking. competitve wise it much better to...
  15. aressandro10

    [FML] Serie A 2009/2010

    Pool would be good to have klose. take the goal scoring burden off torres.
  16. aressandro10

    Amauri "The Immovable Object" Carvalho de Oliveira

    Iaquita and Trezeguet both start from the bench and winning over their places. its time Amauri or maybe Del Piero to go through the same process..
  17. aressandro10

    [Europe] 2010 World Cup qualifying thread

    i always admire how some special coaches bring a team to another level When he was with Juve, the fans was so spoiled that not reaching CL final would be a failure even with a squad not much stronger than the current one.
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    FML, Champions League 2009/2010 FML

    Man Utd Juventus Atletico Madrid Wolfsburg
  19. aressandro10

    [FRIENDLY] JUVENTUS 3-1 Juventus B, August 11th 2009

    i would really like to watch this match...
  20. aressandro10

    If you had to pick only one...

    When my country scored the 2nd equilizing goal in the glorified training match again Man u the other day, i was screaming myself out. there is this goosebumb all over my body. i felt pity for all Malaysian that wear Red all over the stadium that day because they cannot share that feeling.. Manu...