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  1. Ronaldinhoisgod

    Anyone for Ronaldinho ?

    So surely now you will all agree that if we had bought Ronaldinho he would have been great, some of you were even saying that Riquelme and d'allessandro were better when i brought this up last time, i always new ronnie was far better than either of those so called good players, but now look...
  2. Ronaldinhoisgod

    Ruben Oliveira

    I think he should feature far more reguarly this season as he is so creative and has that little bit of flair that we are often missing to make something out of nothing, if he is not loaned out he must be used and he will be like getting the new creative mid you all want (he reminds me of Rui...
  3. Ronaldinhoisgod

    British Eurosport have rights to serie A!!

    Yes thats right we can watch live serie A matches on eurosport starting feb 2 it is the best news since Juve won 5-0 God bless eurosport! I still cant believe it So all british fans can thank channel 4 for its great coverage but the future is here now and it is british eurosport!
  4. Ronaldinhoisgod

    Juventus Vs Newcastle

    I can finally watch a full Juve match on wednesday i hope we cane them anyone in england can watch live on ITV ( i think it is ITV2 not sure but i have got both so i dont care!) We need to play better than we did against Parma otherwise we could lose as newcastle can attack well.
  5. Ronaldinhoisgod

    Who was right...

    I remember before the world cup i was telling people in the forum that Ronaldinho Brasil's Number 11 would be the one to watch but i was mostly ridiculed as every one said brasil were finished and that we should watch Riquelme dazzle us. But am i blind or was this Riquelme absent from the world...