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  1. mikhail

    A friend of mine pubished a football book - fun read

    He's a UCD fan, a tiny amateur university club in Ireland. They qualified for the Europa League via an unlikely route while getting relegated, and in spite of being probably objectively the worst team in the competition, they actually won a round. Kevin went to all the games, spoke with the...
  2. mikhail

    Member survey

    So, I can no longer make polls, but I find myself curious about the breakdown of the active members. I'd love to see a series of anonymous polls on topics such as: Juve matches watched in a typical year Juve matches attended (lifetime total) Annual spend on Juve merchandise Number of...
  3. mikhail

    Could someone fluent in Spanish do me a favour?

    Hi guys. I need a letter (only a few lines long) translated into Spanish properly on short notice. Could someone here sort me out?
  4. mikhail

    And you thought Juve had it bad

    Get it before it gets taken down over accusations of libel: Tom Coughlan is the owner of Irish club Cork City since they emerged from examinership (the last legal process to save a business from bankruptcy) last year. What has happened...
  5. mikhail

    Stepping down Just to let you all know, I've removed my moderation powers. My heart's just not in it any more. I'm not sufficiently regular to know the members like I did, I don't know that I'm entirely in step with the other mods as I once was, or that I...
  6. mikhail

    Morality and law

    Moral question of the day: How do you, personally, feel about those places where the laws of your country (or of a country you are visiting), contradict your religion? For Christians, there are a couple of such subjects which are major hot topics: abortion, divorce, the status of...
  7. mikhail

    Is it okay to make fun of homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is big. In Britain, there are homeopathic hospitals which are funded by the taxpayer. What is homeopathy? It's a so-called "alternative medicine". Practicioners insist it works, even in the face of multiple high quality medical trials in which it has failed to work better than...
  8. mikhail

    Reporting Posts

    It seems that some forum members struggle to tell the "reply" button from the "report" button. I would have thought this was obvious enough that a heavily sedated monkey could tell them apart, but it seems not. The "reply" button lets you post a reply to a message. It is on the right. The...
  9. mikhail

    A little ballot-stuffing help from my friends

    So, a friend of mine is up for a very minor journalism award which would help his career a bit. This award is done by public, online vote, which probably tells you all you need to know. However, my friend is up against people who mostly have permanent posts at newspapers, while he's freelance...
  10. mikhail

    Zero Punctuation

    Anyone ever listen to these game reviews? I find the guy hilarious.
  11. mikhail

    Best Action Movie Ever

    Martin and Ahmed suggested this. Bitch about options below!
  12. mikhail

    Steve Irwin - 1 year on

  13. mikhail


    Anyone read these? I'm a big fan of xkcd, and I regularly read Dilbert and Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  14. mikhail

    Mikhail's Award-winning play

    I wrote a play called Kill Bill (Shatner) this year, and it was made by the college dramatical society, even won best original script at their internal awards. The plot: William Shatner joins a production of Hamlet, but turns out to be awful for the role, forcing the assistant director to...
  15. mikhail

    Post of the Month: April - Voting

    Multiple choice voting, poll ends in 10 days. This month's nominations: (Click on the link beside Swag's name to see the whole thing.)
  16. mikhail

    Save Net Radio
  17. mikhail

    Dead Ringers House Parody

    I'm told that these are great, but youtube seems to have taken them down. Anyone have a link elsewhere?
  18. mikhail

    Boston Legal

    Anyone watching this? And if not, why not? Denny Crane and Alan Shore are my favourite comedy duo on TV right now.
  19. mikhail

    Will Snoop get to 10,020 posts by Friday?

    Ronseal-like, this one. He has 10,009 posts... he posts an average of 5 posts a day.
  20. mikhail

    Post of the month: February - voting

    Multiple voting Private voting Poll open for ten days And the nominees are: