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  1. Holdon

    This Could Be a Case For Mulder and Scully

    Some of you may of heard of some guy in Denver who claims to of filmed an ET peeping on his daughter (Burke?). Well here is the video. I was interested....until I saw it the video for myself.
  2. Holdon

    Star Wars EPIII- Revenge of the Sith

    Finally, the long wait for Star Wars fans is over. I attended a midnight screening and my head has been buzzing just thinking about it. I won't go into major details about it cause some of you who are intending to see it are staying spoiler free. I'll say it's easily better than Phantom.. and...
  3. Holdon

    FOA Martin

    I can't access this site using my usaul IP(static) address, I'm having to use a proxy at the moment, do you have any idea what's causing this problem?
  4. Holdon

    Baiocco and Zanchi to Messina

    Some good news, the ever useless Baiocco and less useless Zanchi will be joining newly promoted Messina: Messina, presi Zanchi e Baiocco Oltre agli juventini, perfezionato l'ingaggio di Rafael MESSINA - Il Messina ha definito l'ingaggio dalla Juventus del centrocampista Davide...
  5. Holdon

    There's something about Miriam (Sky One, UK)

    I don't know if any one else in the UK has seen this programme. It's a reality TV show about 6 guys competing for 1 girl, the winner gets a cruise with the girl and £10,000, sounds straight forward- but there's a twist. What is this 'something' about Miriam? Well it's the fact that she is in...
  6. Holdon

    Move Thuram to central defence

    We seem to be struggling a little in defence at the moment, certain players are either past their prime of maybe aren't good enough. I don't think I've seen anyone suggest reverting Thuram back to central defence in place of Montero (I'm not singling him out because of last night, he's been...