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  1. vitoria_Ally

    Read it before Hollywood does

    After watching some of those big movies, that's my thought as well :D
  2. vitoria_Ally

    yousendit and big videos

    I just found video with TV show about 100 goals of Del Piero. I need to send it now, using thing. BUT the video is 360 MB big. So did anyone try to send such big video using site? There is written, that I can send video up to 1 GB, but I've never tried to send...
  3. vitoria_Ally


    I collect commercials, different kind of them. I was trying to look for them on p2p programms, but there are only new commercials. And I would like to gather more commercials, also old ones (specially with football, players, and also Pepsi football and pepsi other commercials: I'm dying to get...
  4. vitoria_Ally

    Email account and attachments

    I need new account and I know that gmail, hotmail, yahoo offer much space, but I dont know, how big attachments I can send there. Anyone knows? :)
  5. vitoria_Ally

    Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

    We have it in Poland now. The reviews are very short here, so I dont know much about the movie. Anyone seen it?
  6. vitoria_Ally

    Uefa trouble for Italy

    Uefa trouble for Italy Staff and agencies Wednesday June 23, 2004 Can you fix it? Italy thinks so. The Italian football federation's president and two leading players could be in trouble with Uefa after stoking up the controversy surrounding Sweden and Denmark's 2-2 draw last...
  7. vitoria_Ally

    Velvet revolver

    I just found out, that such rock band exist :D The squad is very interesting for GnR fans! Slash (ex-Gn'R) Duff McKagan (ex-Gn'R) Matt Sorum (ex-Gn'R, ex-Cult) Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) Dave Kushner (Navarro) I dont know how they sound, but I'm going to check them out...
  8. vitoria_Ally

    Help with firewall again

    Help please :wallbang: I NEED, WANT to turn off my firewall in Windows XP Professional. I know where to do that, cause I did it BUT... whenever I turn it off, that stupid comp goes crazy, and I cant connect to the net :( I connect and after one minute I get such warning, that there is some...
  9. vitoria_Ally

    MSN Messenger vs Windows Messenger

    Guys help, cause I'm going crazy already. I have Windows Messanger and I want to install MSN Messenger. But it seems to be impossible. I have that Windows Messenger as part of Outlook, and no idea, how to do such thing: add MSN Messenger as part of Outlook. And I cant get rid of that Windows...
  10. vitoria_Ally

    Please help me with these expressions

    Could you please help me with sth? I would like to know these expressions in other languages: Poland Hello Bye I've got to go See you later I love you I hate you This is my house I'm sorry Thank you Please Get lost I like you I dont like you Merry Christmas! Happy New Year...
  11. vitoria_Ally

    Help with gif please :D

    Looooooooooong time ago, some of you added here thread about, how to make own smilies, I cant find this thread :sad: I'm not sure who was that, perhaps you dj ;) And I'm looking for that site, where I can make new smilies, by changing this little bar, which is kept by this guy below...
  12. vitoria_Ally

    Help with mpg files

    I cant open and watch mpg files (not mpeg) I have no idea, what I'm doing wrong, I installed all codecs they wanted and I still cant open it :wallbang: Maybe I should install sth specific?
  13. vitoria_Ally

    Help with firewall

    I dont use any firewall programm, but I know that I should :redface: Could you recommend me sth, which of them I should use? I would like to have sth users friendly, but I want it to be high protective too. Can anyone help me with this please? :)
  14. vitoria_Ally

    Soundtracks - magic of movie

    Tonight I was watching a movie "Cookie's fortune" and I had the same thought like some other 1000 times: music in movie is a power. It completes whole movie about new experiences, sometimes can also screw movie ;) but mostly it's beautiful thing. Some music went down in history of movie...
  15. vitoria_Ally

    Help! - I need to cut video files

    Can anyone help me with such thing? I need to cut video files, but I would like to get sth simple to use. Like: I mark the place I want to cut, choose option: delete after this mark, save the rest - and the end of work. It's possible with mp3 files, is is possible with video files? I used...
  16. vitoria_Ally

    Olympics rocks :scared:

    Another funny movie, anyone feel like making some sport? :scared::D
  17. vitoria_Ally

    Help! - I need to cut music files

    I have few entire albums, but they all are as one BIG file, like 40 MB or 60 MB. I would like to cut them, to get songs from that, but I dont know, what program I should use to do that. Can anyone help me with this please?
  18. vitoria_Ally

    Your musical disappointment

    I've got some live RHCP concerts lately. And I was SO disappointent in them. The music is ok, guitars and drums are great. But I was so disappointment in Anthony Kiedis. He completely cant sing live, he is so poor live vocalist :wallbang: I saw one concert on TV earlier, but he was not SO...
  19. vitoria_Ally

    The Elvish Name Generator

    It's pretty funny :D Here you are link to The Elvish Name Generator And here to The Hobbit Name Generator I would be called: Eámanë Aldaríon as Elf And Bramblerose Gamgee Whitfurrows...
  20. vitoria_Ally

    10000 - I'm addicted :wallbang:

    Hello :) I just wanna announce, that I achieved highest level of addiction to this forum, cause I reached 10000 posts :wallbang: I was counting: I'm here as active user since 14 July 2002, so 13 months, In tis time, I wasnt here at all full 4 months. The forum was down for 1 month, so to...