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  1. Cirillo

    Football Manager 2013

    The next version of FM will be out before Christmas
  2. Cirillo

    Playstation 4 Concept PS4 Concept [*=left] [*=left] [*=left] [*=left] [*=left]Share on Tumblr [*=left] Whether you want it to happen or not, the current generation of consoles is swiftly coming to a close and that means that a brand new console...
  3. Cirillo

    Juventus Club Adelaide

    Some of you may remember from the Lazio game that I spoke about a Juventus fan club that's been started here in Adelaide. We met again this morning at 6:00am local time to watch the game together. The club was formed last year by some very hard working fans, with an aim to become an official...
  4. Cirillo


    Legends of them being rolled on the inner thighs of Cuban virgins and the choice of political figures of the 20th century, Cigars certainly have their place in culture. But who here at Juventuz also enjoys the smooth draw and multitude of flavours of a stogie? Whether it be a full flavoured...
  5. Cirillo

    Official AFL Thread (Australian Rules Football)

    I Suppose it's time we started our own AFL thread. There's enough Aussies here that talk about the game to give it it's own place. For what it's worth I'm an Adelaide Crows supporter, and have been so since their inception in 1991.
  6. Cirillo

    Football Manager 2012

    First screenshots are up *Pretty happy that they've chosen a team from Adelaide, my home town in their screenshots* No release date as yet. Assuming around October again??
  7. Cirillo

    Mobile Phone Wallpapers (Show off or share)

    Hey guys. I came across this mobile phone wallpaper site with a great collection of Juve wallpapers so I thought I'd post it. I also thought this would be a great place that people could share any Mobile phone wallpapers or show theirs...
  8. Cirillo

    Floods in Queensland Australia

    75% of Queensland, Australia is now under water. More than 23,000 homes and businesses are expected to be inundated as Brisbane (Queensland Capital) faces its worst flood crisis in more than a century. Places like Toowoomba have been hit with inland tsunami style walls of water. At this stage...
  9. Cirillo

    The Australian Juventus Thread

    I think there's a few people on this forum from Australia so I thought I'd start a thread. I searched couldn't see another one created. I'm Adam, I live in Adelaide and have been a Juve supporter for as long as i can remember. I'm somewhat partial to Adelaide United in the A League and...