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  1. radekas


    The new HBO big bucks show had started yesterday. I watched the episode and it seems like the potential is fantastic. Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris in the cast also make it pretty :tuttosport:-worthy. Anyone else watched it already?
  2. radekas

    Terry Pratchett

    The was no Disc World or Terry Pratchett thread so I decided to make one because this man, one of the greatest writers of our times, died today. I loved his books, his style. I will always remember this man as one of my idols. This is really making me sad. Goodbye Mr. Pratchett.
  3. radekas

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The long expected Marvel Cinema Universe TV Show had started yesterday. I'm about to watch the pilot episode, I heard it's good. Not sure how I like the whole idea of CSI: Marvel but I hope they will eventually include superheroes and supervillains in the show one way or another. I will...