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    Best member NOMINATIONS 2017

    Let's revive the old Tuz tradition. -- Nominate members that you would like to participate in the poll. For: 1) Best Moderator (all will be named, so don't bother) 2) Funniest Member of the Year 3) Best Female Poster 4) Best Guru 5) Best Newcomer 6) Most Informed Poster (General...
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    Andre Gomes - Mid - Barcelona

  3. Dostoevsky

    Blaise Matuidi

  4. Dostoevsky

    Kevin Strootman - MC/DM - AS Roma

  5. Dostoevsky

    Francesco Cassata

  6. Dostoevsky

    Patrik Schick

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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    LIVE thread for the next season. Will be opened when needed.
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    [WC] World Cup 2018 - General Talk Thread

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    World Cup Etiquette

    Taken from Martin's post in the previous international tournaments: Throughout the regular season, most of us are Juve fans and we're a tight knit community with little conflict. But when it comes to international tournaments, everyone is supporting different teams and this is potentially a...
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2016/2017

    LIVE thread for the new season.
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    Medhi Benatia

    :numnum: - - - Updated - - - @Mark :ID:
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    --- This tv show deserves a thread. I'm currently on 8th episode of season 2 and I gotta say that it's amazing. After the Batman trilogy this was/is the only stuff that came out and is worth of watching. It keeps getting better and better.
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2015/2016

    LIVE thread. Will be opened when the time comes. And cums.
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    [ITA] Coppa Italia 2015/2016

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    [FRA] Ligue 1 2015/2016

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    [EU] Europa League 2015/2016

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    [CL] Champions League 2015/2016

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    [OTHER] Other Leagues 2016/17

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    [ENG] Premier League 2015/2016