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  1. Xorim

    Nicolò Fagioli

  2. Xorim

    Andrea Pirlo

    This "playing out from the back" just doesn't work, if the opposing squad is applying a high press. We saw it yesterday against Porto, we saw it agains Inter in Serie A. We struggle so much and give the ball away way too easy, gifting our opposition easy chances. We can ONLY play it out from...
  3. Xorim

    Wojciech Szczęsny

    nah, Woj takes 50% of that blame. He should communicate more (see buffon) and position himself also better. Benta fked up big time for sure. But check this. Woj should just pass to danilo who is on the far right. Instead he turns around and passes to Benta, who is surrounded by 4 Porto...
  4. Xorim


    He was the only one stepping up to his game yesterday. Showed grinta, showed talent. Everyone else was lacking what he had. We're fkin lucky to have him in our squad this season
  5. Xorim

    Dejan Kulusevski

    Well, opinion didn't change. I don't really see all that greatness. Loan to Sassuolo for two seasons, then we can check on him again. Either he's second Pjaca, or he actually improved.
  6. Xorim

    Paulo Dybala

    This What can you expect from a forward, if he has to chase back to our own half, because nobody gets the ball upfront. Even ronaldo is tracking back way too much
  7. Xorim

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    Dr jekyll and Mr hyde Has great interceptions, some great long passes but just messes up a really good performance with 2-3 terribly misplaced passes.
  8. Xorim

    Merih Demiral

    ouch :lol2:
  9. Xorim

    Andrea Agnelli

    agnelli is love. agnelli is life.
  10. Xorim

    João Cancelo

    Cancelo is clearly the better wingback than danilo. Yes, more offensive, so rather comparable with Cuadrado. Danilo was also a good deal for us in the end, since he's a great fit as CB as well, even better than as a wingback imo. But i'd love to have kept him Cancelo, not gonna lie. His first...
  11. Xorim

    Matthijs de Ligt

    Yes, love it! :shutup:
  12. Xorim

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Survived another mercato. Makes me fkn angry.
  13. Xorim

    Dejan Kulusevski

    He wasn't good for several games now tbh. I even didn't like his presentation in the Coppa against genoa, sure - he had a great assist and a goal, but especially in the 2nd half he played really bad, missed about 4 easy goals. He has some glimpses of greatness, but they are way too rare. He's...
  14. Xorim

    Nicolò Fagioli

    sure hope so He was a pleasant surprise yesterday
  15. Xorim

    Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    did we sell bernardeschi yet?
  16. Xorim


    Pjanic did have some amazing passes. We clearly miss those at the moment. Arthur didn't show that at all so far. He's great at withstanding pressure and makes me feel way more safe in defense - pjanic was a liability there. If he gets to gain confidence and routine and starts to make some...
  17. Xorim

    Nicolò Rovella

    Very ugly. Don't buy. We can't lower our level of handsomeness.
  18. Xorim

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    absolutely this ^ FFS get us ONE top level midfielder. We went from a world class midfield Vidal/Pogba/Pirlo/Marchisio and replaced evey single one of them with pure mediocrity. We buy cheap prospects and hope they become another pogba or vidal, but so far it just didn't happen. McKennie is...
  19. Xorim

    Federico Bernardeschi

    I was VERY close to say "hey, he seems clearly better than frabotta" after a few mins on the pitch. Then he started to pass every fucking ball to inter. Turd tier. please sell. i can't handle this anymore.
  20. Xorim

    Andrea Pirlo

    I don't even think it's him being a rookie that makes him not a good match for this job. He's a smart dude, but he lacks the motivational factor. I want our coach to be on the edge of the zone, screaming at our players to pick up pace and run, if they are getting lazy. Yes, this was exactly...