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  1. Adriano

    Yeah its been a while, but dont forget him, he will get back to be a scoring machine sooner or later. Considering last years injuries and not bad form, i think he did well, 14 goals. Hopefully better this season. Its also worth marking when Trez came to Juve, 21 year old i think, then he...
  2. Adriano

    Trezeguet is a goalscorer, he is good if he has a good partner alongside him, the type of player like DP and Miccoli i mean, shouldnt be necessary to say this. If Trez is in form, no one scores more.
  3. Adriano

    I wouldnt say he is the best. Shevchenko is the best striker in the world. But Adriano is good, imagine him and Gilardino.