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  1. JBF

    Pakistan: Strong earthquake hits south-west

    A strong earthquake measuring 7.2 has hit south-western Pakistan, in a desert area bordering Iran and Afghanistan, the US Geological Survey says. The quake struck at 0123 on Wednesday (2023 GMT on Tuesday), some 55 km (34 miles) west of Dalbandin in Pakistan, at a depth of 84km (52 miles)...
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    British man convicted for a twitter joke

    Tweeters have joined forces to support Paul Chambers, the man convicted and fined for a Twitter message threatening to blow up an airport. The Twitter community is angry that the 27-year-old accountant has failed to overturn his conviction. A day after his appeal failed, two "hashtags" to...
  3. JBF

    Reading Arabic 'hard for brain'

    Israeli scientists believe they have identified why Arabic is particularly hard to learn to read. The University of Haifa team say people use both sides of their brain when they begin reading a language - but when learning Arabic this is wasting effort. The detail of Arabic characters means...
  4. JBF

    Are terrorist groups racist?

    Obama steps up rhetoric against al-Qaeda and al-Shabab Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and al-Shabab do not think African life is valuable, President Obama has said in response to the Uganda bombings. At least 74 people were killed in blasts targeting people watching the World Cup. The...
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    Da gayest dedication ever, even for Rab!

    Ok, I said Im gonna do this when I hate 13k since I didn't have the chance to make it before so here it goes :D I just want to say that this has to be one of the most interesting forums I've ever been part of or simply surfed and that's only because of most of it's members whether they're Juve...
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    Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light

    This is the extraordinary place where we all live - the Universe. The picture is the first full-sky image from Europe's Planck telescope which was sent into space last year to survey the "oldest light" in the cosmos. It took the 600m-euro observatory just over six months to assemble the...
  7. JBF

    Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea

    Justin Bieber's Twitter page has become the target of an internet joke. A public vote on the Canadian singer's My World Tour page asked users which country he should tour next, with no restrictions on the nations that could be voted on. This spurred users of imageboard website 4Chan to...
  8. JBF

    Afghans say US team found huge potential mineral wealth

    Afghanistan may have more than a trillion dollars worth of untapped mineral deposits, a spokesman for the ministry of mines has suggested. The statement came after reports in the New York Times of the work of a team of Pentagon officials and US geologists. They discovered large quantities...
  9. JBF

    Female judge and clerk shot dead in court in Belgium

    A female magistrate and a court clerk have been shot dead in a courtroom in the Belgian capital. A lone gunman opened fire in a building near the main Palais de Justice in Brussels at about 1115 (0915 GMT). Belgian media identified the dead justice of the peace as Isabelle Brandon and clerk...
  10. JBF

    World War II bomb kills three in Germany

    Three people have been killed and six injured trying to defuse a World War II bomb in central Germany. Workers building a sports stadium had earlier unearthed the bomb in the town of Goettingen. It was not immediately clear why the bomb, reportedly weighing 500kg (1,100lb), had detonated...
  11. JBF

    [Serie A] Milan 3-0 Juventus - May 15, 2010, Matchday 38 - aka "Please Make It End!"

    Since no one opened the match's thread, I had no choice. On a further note, the game was decided to be moved forward as in to be played on Saturday 20:45 CET rather than Sunday 15 CET as was previously planned due to security measures. Lets just beat these motherfuckers and end this...
  12. JBF

    [Serie A] Juve - Parma match commentary

    Who's up for the job? :D The official Juve line up: Buffon Caceres---Canna---Chellini---DC Melo----Poulsen-----Marchisio Diego Iaquinta--Alex
  13. JBF

    'Historic' day as first non-latin web addresses go live

    Arab nations are leading a "historic" charge to make the world wide web live up to its name. Net regulator Icann has switched on a system that allows full web addresses to contain no Latin characters. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the first countries to have...
  14. JBF

    [Serie A] Juve 2-3 Parma, May 9th, 2010

    Let's just hope we end up winning this one and getting the 6th/5th position. We don't want the qualification matches.
  15. JBF

    [Serie A] Juventus - Catania match commentary

    You know the usual "trying to make the best of our usual shitty play Awesome" commentary. If you can't see that live on T.V here you can keep update with the way we see it. Im gonna be late for this one, so start commentating already guys! :D
  16. JBF

    Sony signals end for floppy decks

    Sony has signalled what could be the final end of the venerable floppy disk. The electronics giant has said it will stop selling the 30-year-old storage media in Japan from March 2011. In March the firm stopped sales of the disks in most international markets due to dwindling demand and...
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    How many characters can you identify?

    The names are a must too.
  18. JBF

    [Serie A] Juventus - Bari match commentary

    If you're not at home and have a bad internet connection, this is the thread to keep connected to all the Juve action from a Bianconeri commentary.
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    The fook is G?

    In the quiet city of Ventuzabad, the people woke up to the sudden news of a a beloved white bald man disappearing. They contacted everyone, they searched in daylight and darkness to at least find a clue where this popular man disappeared, yet nothing was found. A day later, while opening the...
  20. JBF

    The Mafioso sign-up thread

    The game will start on Monday, hopefully. A number of at least 18 participants is a must. Please do not sign unless you're sure you're gonna be active throughout the game. Osman; Can you plz post the rules about the new role you suggested earlier. I think this will be the right game to apply...