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  1. Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    DZEKO ROMPE WITH FONSECA, JUVE IN AGGUATE Ed in Dzeko has definitely broken up with his coach today and has been excluded from the list of summons ahead of the challenge against Spezia. Either the coach will be exempted after the match with the Ligurians or the Bosnian centerpiece will start...
  2. Radu Dragusin

    Why sell. Just let them go for free.
  3. Radu Dragusin

    I’m tired of “so much winning”. Let all our stars go. Hopefully just his agent posturing for a better contract. 1611336154 Seriously, if this kid leaves for free, Tici must be fired.
  4. Douglas Costa

    DOUGLAS COSTS TOWARDS THE WOLVERHAMPTON Juventus are negotiating with the English club for the transfer of the Brazilian exterior. The negotiation could be closed on a basis of EUR 16 million, meaning the depreciation that remained to be depreciated in the remaining year and a half contract...
  5. Andrea Pirlo

    Really want him to succeed as first team coach but he might want to consider being Allegri’s assistant for a while.
  6. UEFA & FIFA Official Thread

    What are FIFA or UEFA going to do about it? If they ban all top clubs and players from their competitions, who’s going to win the World Cup? Luxembourg? Or the UCL? Stoke city?
  7. UEFA & FIFA Official Thread FIFA wants to ban players from the World Cup if they play in the proposed European super league.
  8. Andrea Pirlo

    EuroPirlo like EuroMax
  9. 'Murica!

    Is DW available in the US?
  10. 'Murica!

    So you don’t watch the bastions of honesty and integrity i.e. CNN, Fox, MSNBC etc ?!!
  11. General News & Politics

    I don’t mean to disparage the guy. I don’t even know the intricacies of the situation. For sure he has more courage than I have. I wish him well. But sitting half a world away and having read all sorts of horror stories of what happens to political prisoners there, I have my concerns. Does he...
  12. Maurizio Sarri

    Can we not sue Sarri for polluting the locker room with all the smoke. Our players mental health seems to be affected.
  13. Merih Demiral

    Not another Benatia! But it looks like that we at least get to keep Bonbon! 1611114986 Perhaps we can just trade Demiral with Inter or Milans worst player. So much winning.
  14. General News & Politics

    I get your point but if you want to bring change, you need to have a whole bunch of people to back you. He may look brave at this point in time but I doubt that a life sentence in Siberia would be a lot of fun.
  15. 'Murica!

    Our coach Pirlo is a statue
  16. 'Murica!

    A statue for each of those people?
  17. 'Murica!

    I'm lost for words
  18. 'Murica!

    Imagine Juve players forced to wear skirts
  19. 'Murica!

    Are we soon expected to refer to each other as "it" instead of he/she/his/her?
  20. General Food & Cooking Thread.

    You only live once. Might as well enjoy it.