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  1. Karim30

    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    I am it’s at 5:30 am:andy2:
  2. Karim30

    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    Let’s start De ligt. He makes our whole team look better.
  3. Karim30

    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    Yes I am more confident with De Ligt and Demiral’s return. Thought we will need to play with Frabotta, Cuadrado, Bonucci and Danilo as a back four. Not mentioning starting Bernardeschi.
  4. Karim30

    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    We are dropping 2 points.
  5. Karim30

    Andrea Pirlo

    Exactly. All teams are living this rollercoaster sensations. Let’s hope we get luckier with our absentees and the Milan sisters drop some points soon.
  6. Karim30

    Premier League 2020-21

    Yes it is. They will be better judged with a different coach.
  7. Karim30

    Andrea Pirlo

    More like Andreacristiano on Estrogens.
  8. Karim30

    Bryan Reynolds - RB - FC Dallas

    I won’t lose my sleep over a Player I have never seen especially since we planned to loan him out for 18 months according to reports. Let’s focus on securing Locatelli in the summer please
  9. Karim30

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    MVP of the match:ratcafe:
  10. Karim30

    Andrea Pirlo

    Is that even a question? Of course I will
  11. Karim30

    Serie A 2020-21

    We need Atalanta to beat the Milan sisters but first and foremost we need a winning streak in the league to revive our hopes
  12. Karim30

    Andrea Pirlo

    Don't rest anyone against Bologna. We have Spal in the cup afterwards where you can play a completely different lineup.
  13. Karim30

    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    Play the best 11 and rest everyone against Spal.
  14. Karim30

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    I'd replace Rabiot with Locatelli, Pogba/Aouar with Ramsey and relegate Bentancur to the bench.
  15. Karim30


    Good game and he made the whole midfield look better. I think I saw a couple of forward passes as well but he missed some good runs of our forwards as well. Let's hope he gets better as time goes by.
  16. Karim30

    Weston McKennie

    What a tank:vidal:
  17. Karim30

    Wojciech Szczęsny

    Let's not even discuss buying another starting goalkeeper.
  18. Karim30

    Dejan Kulusevski

    I am one of his biggest fans but that was a terrible performance.
  19. Karim30

    Juan Cuadrado

    It's just heroic what he did today.
  20. Karim30

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Good cameo but should've scored in the beginning of the second half.