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  1. Juventus Headquarter Pics

    Some pics of juventus headquarter
  2. Rumors about next summer

    Rumors here in Italy about next summer say Juventus will buy new players only after selling one or two champions (trezeguet and/or nedved). Exactly what happened two years ago (Thuram+buffon+nedved in, zidane+inzaghi out). this politics would be necessary for keeping the budget in draw...
  3. Buffon's autograph

    I met him last month in Via Po! He is very kind.
  4. What's Wrong With Salas?

    What's wrong with salas? Why does he never play? What do you think about it?
  5. The Worst Juventus Player

    Who was the worst player of juventus history? DON'T REPLY VAN DER SAAR!! TOO EASY! Well...I have a couple of names. Pacione. Luppi. Fonseca. Magrin. Zavarov. But the winner is: IAN RUSH!!!!
  6. Juventus - Dinamo Kiev 5-0

    Yeah! It's incredible! Wonderful match. I haven't had so much fun watching a match for a long time. Who do you think was the best yesterday? I know it isn't easy make only one name, but try. I think Nedved was the best.
  7. Pessotto?

    Does anybody know how is Pessotto? Is he still injured? when will he come back?
  8. how can I choose an avatar?

    I cannot choose an avatar. How can I do that? Thanks.
  9. you misunderstood me

    The idea of trade davids and money for nesta is not mine...Moggi thought about it. Do you really think it's a bad move? I think no and I'll explain you why. Davids wants to go away, and wants to go to Roma. He agreed with Roma last april. He refused Lazio, Arsenal (we tried to trade him...
  10. Davids Go Away!

    Hi guys. I think Davids has to go away. Ok, he is a great player, I loved him, but if today Nesta is wearing a shirt red&black is his fault. Cragnotti told Moggi he was interested in davids and if juventus gave 20 mil euro could buy Nesta, the best defender of the world (with rio ferdinand...