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  1. Rhizoid

    Request: Zidane goal vs. Udinese circa 1998

    Udinese - Juventus circa 1998 - I want the goal which Zidane scores, celebrates by jumping on the advertisement, falls on his ass...and continues his celebration...:D (I *think* it's the same match of the famous Del Piero injury...). I'm 100% sure it was an away match, and Juve were in...
  2. Rhizoid

    Request: EPL highlights for Arsenal - ASTON VILLA [0-2]

    Kindly request the Arsenal - ASTON VILLA [0-2] pwnage highlights which happened today. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Rhizoid

    Request: EPL highlights for Arsenal - ASTON VILLA [0-2]

    Kindly request the Arsenal - ASTON VILLA [0-2] pwnage highlights which happened today. Thanks in advance. :)
  4. Rhizoid

    On this day in history...

    It's been a while since I posted here. Let's celebrate April 6th. Not only because it's my birthday: :touched: 1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-1 :stuckup: What a night...what a night! :scarf: :touched:
  5. Rhizoid

    Metalhead wannabe

    I was browsing some Metal forums today, and this idiot wrote a song...poor chap was laughed at by everybody :howler: " MY OPTH TRIBUTES SONG I HAVE DEICIDED TO GIVE ALL YOU GUY A SONG I WRITE FOR OPETH TRIBUTES IT IN OPETH STYLES BLAK METALS REBEL NO YOU BASTRAD GUYS LAUGH AT MY...
  6. Rhizoid

    Chelea - Villa

    Big big game for the VILLANS today, if anyone has extended highlights of the match, I'd appreciated it :) Was in the office, so I missed the game. It ended 4-4!!
  7. Rhizoid

    Scenes from comedies

    This is one of my all-time favorites from Don't be a Menace...I love this scene you'd never expect these guys to call emergency for their fallen brotha, look what Loc Dawg says at the end :rofl:
  8. Rhizoid

    Porcupine Tree: Fear of a Blank Planet

    This is an album I bought last weekend. It is absolutely brilliant. Porcupine Tree are a progressive rock band, with lot's of influences such as Radiohead, Tool, Pinkfloyd...and few others, so you'll notice the similarity in their music...however, they are original. Blending an ambient sound...
  9. Rhizoid

    Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

    This forum has few discussion threads! :( Time to spice things up a little with a band I'm sure you're all familiar with - Linkin Park. Did any of you get this album? Got it last week, with low expectations, but it's pretty good, if you like the fact that LP are experimenting and...
  10. Rhizoid

    The Official Marco Marchionni thread

    He was simply brilliant vs. Bari and I think he has much MUCH more to offer. Marco Marchionni is officially my new hero. :touched: Please discuss.
  11. Rhizoid

    The New Year 2007 Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, a new year is upon us... What are your plans for the New Year? How will you be spending it? :eyebrows: I'm catching a flight to Beirut in a couple hours. :toast: Been about four months since I was last there. What you think? Please discuss. (sorry for ripping off your...
  12. Rhizoid

    Celtic and the round of 16

    I found this interesting article over at XT forums, I thought you guys would enjoy this read. Unbelievable how the media try to mislead people...:disagree: The belittling of giants Danny Kelly (from The Times newspaper) Wasn't it great last week to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the...
  13. Rhizoid

    Blu Ray Disc: The Next Generation

    This is Betamax vs. VHS format revisted. The laserdisc was a failure due to it's ridiculously huge size. DVD format came and revolutionised the way we watch movies with it's superior quality and easy-to-use interactive features. The 1998 success was soon to be short-lived, compared to the...
  14. Rhizoid

    Junichi Inamoto: Why did he fail?

    After his brilliant World Cup 2002 display - a great future was ahead for this ex-Gamba Osaka midfielder. A transfer to Arsenal seemed to be a move in the right direction for Inamoto-san in 2001. A couple of Carling cup performances, despite Arsenal winning the double that season, it seemed...
  15. Rhizoid

    Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist

    Are there any Deftones fans here? We got a similar thread at XT, I was just wondering if there are some people who like this band here at Juventuz. Their new album, Saturday Night Wrist comes out on October 31st. For me, theyre one of the few bands whom I anxiously wait for a new album to...
  16. Rhizoid

    Does the car influence the chick?

    Ladies, speak up. Do you dig guys who pimp there ride? Men, speak up - have you ever owned a crap ride, which completely turned off a girl? :disagree: I used to drive this car for 4 years in college back in Lebanon. It got me lucky a few times in freshman year (1999-2000?) and that was...
  17. Rhizoid

    Del Piero vs. Germany compilation/report

    A friend of mine just sent me this gem thru msn. It's real good - highlights of Del Piero vs. Germany. It also highlights something I've been telling my friends right after that historic game - that Del Piero and Westfalenstadion go back a looooong way - A September evening in 1995 vs...
  18. Rhizoid

    Football (Soccer) Cards

    Anyone here in to collecting football (soccer!!) cards? I used to collect NHL and NBA cards...a couple Panini sticker albums...but no football cards. Until I discovered the below link. Check out their World Cup and Serie...
  19. Rhizoid

    To Stripper...and to those in the war-zone

    Let's try and keep this thread NON-POLITICAL...lot's of Juventuz members are in the warzone. This is a thread for updates...for those who're in Lebanon, if they can, to post a msg here and say they are safe and sound. I'd just like let everyone rest assure that Stripper (aka Aboudi) is safe...
  20. Rhizoid

    Rosicky to Arsenal I think Juve really missed out here. If there was any player who was going to be Nedved's heir, it's this guy. He's definitely one of my favorite players, it's a shame that he's gone to a club which I despise. :cry...