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    Club World Ranking

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    Club World Ranking

    Club World Ranking Club-Weltrangliste Clasificación Mundial de los Clubes Classement Mondial des Clubs by IFFHS Top 350 (1st September 2003 - 30th August 2004) 1. (5.) Real Madrid CF España/4 289,0 2. (3.) Valencia CF España/4 284,0 3. (7.) Manchester United FC England/4...
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    Capello plays waiting game

    From Channel4: Fabio Capello insists that it may be some time before he has any clear idea about the look of the new Juventus. The Bianconeri have been in training since Saturday but the tactician is still without his international players or future signings. "I have a lot of ideas but...
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    Delle Alpi for how long?

    Does anyone know, if there are plans to built a new stadium or rebuilt the delle alpi? because I have never like the delle alpi, its way too big for juve, as it is quite often very empty. I would prefer a stadium like the english way, I mean that the crowd is right behind the pitch!